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E-Rette: Regular Kit

e-Rette Regular
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e-Rette Regular Starter Kits - $75.99 with Kit Options

I have tried almost every model of electronic cigarette on the market.  Electronic Cigarette Review after review and and many times I was left unsatisfied.  Today we introduce the true future of electronic cigarettes, the e-rette regular kit!  We remind you that at Electronic Cigarette Nation, we will not put up a product we cannot stand behind.

We have other two piece models on our website and e-rette has taken it to the next level for us.  We finally have found a two-piece design that offers a lot of flavor and strength options while maintaining the high level of vapor and throat hit we have come to expect from two piece models.  You do not have to worry about becoming bored anymore with your electronic cigarette.   E-Rette offers 48 flavors (listed below).

electronic cigarette

The first kit we look at is the Regular E-rette electronic cigarette starter kit (pictured above).  This kit comes with everything you need to get started and switch to electronic cigarettes.  The kit comes with 2 batteries (one long, one short), five cartridges (assorted strengths), a USB charger, and a home charger to plug into the wall.  We didn’t have any trouble using the e cig all day without charging because you have two batteries.  We recommend as soon as you switch batteries that you charge the second one though.  With both chargers included, you can charge it on your computer (or laptop) or in the wall!  I used my Regular E-rette electronic cigarette at work and was able to plug in the USB charger to my desktop and keep going without having to install anything on my computer.  I also increased my productivity because I wasn’t taking smoke breaks.  It was almost a kick back to old times when you could smoke at your desk, but now you can vape without hurting your co-workers and still get your nicotine fix!

e-rette electronic cigarette

For those of you who are not gadget friendly, don’t worry because this electronic cigarette is assembled and ready to use in seconds.  I took out my battery and cartridge and had them screwed together instantly and I was off to the races with vaping.  This vapor level that this e cigarette puts out is way more than smoke that you would get with a regular cigarette.  The throat hit is amazing and it feels very similar to a real cigarette. While all of the flavors are great, I personally prefer tobacco as it is close to regular cigarettes.   Each cartridge did tend to last the amount of time I would have smoked 1.5 packs of cigarettes.  The benefit to this two piece design is that it allows larger cartridges and more space for the e-liquid.  If you are going to switch to electronic cigarettes and start smoking anywhere, the Regular E-rette Starter kit is the best choice out there!

The flavors E-rette offers are:

  1. Almond
  2. Apple
  3. Banana
  4. Black Tea
  5. Blueberrye liquid cartridge
  6. Camel
  7. Cappuccino
  8. Caramel
  9. Cherry
  10. Chocolate
  11. Cigar
  12. Clove
  13. Coca Cola
  14. Coconut
  15. Coffee
  16. Creme
  17. Cuba Cigar
  18. Dunhill
  19. Ginseng
  20. Gooseberry / Kiwi
  21. Grapeelectronic cigarette guarantee
  22. Green Tea
  23. Hilton
  24. Ice Cream
  25. Juicy Peach
  26. Lemon
  27. Licorice
  28. Light Fragrance
  29. Mango
  30. Marlboro
  31. Melon
  32. Menthol
  33. Mint
  34. Orange
  35. Oriental Tobacco
  36. Peach
  37. Pineapplee liquid cartridges
  38. Pipe
  39. Red Bull
  40. Rose
  41. Ruyan
  42. Strawberry
  43. Tobacco
  44. Turkish Tobacco
  45. Vanilla
  46. Virginia
  47. Whiskey
  48. Winston

You may think it would take you years to try all 48 flavors, however the good news is that they offer mixed pack refill cartridges that  come in Drinks, Cafe, and Fruits to help you sample more cartridges!  As an added bonus, we know it can be difficult to know what level of nicotine cartridge you need, so e-rette has put a variety of levels in with each electronic cigarette starter kit.

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E-Rette: Regular KitJoe Sweeney22011-11-30 09:06:12The e-rette electronic cigarette gets reviewed by electronic cigarette nation. This e cigarette lives up to the hype and earns the top spot on ECN!
Joe Sweeney

By: Joe Sweeney

I started using electronic cigarettes late in 2009 and started reviewing them in early 2010. I now own every brand on Electronic Cigarette Nation and a few unlabeled ones as well. E-Cigs changed my life, so that is why we created ECN, to get the word out about e-cigarettes!

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2 Reviews on E-Rette: Regular Kit

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    E-Rette: Regular Kit
    Overall Rating
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    e-rette is probably the best kept secret in the e-cig business!

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  2. Writes About:
    E-Rette: Regular Kit

    I’ve purchased other brands before, and e-rette so far is the best in quality, taste of the tobacco e-liquid is much better than the other brands i’ve tried. The battery life is the best. I have tried the greensmoke, and the battery dies after an hour. I would recommend this brand over any others. Save your money and go with the best.

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