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ECN Terms Of Service

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Persons Under 18:

This website and community resource is for use by those over the age of 18 only.

You must not use this site if you are under 18.

Electronic Cigarette Nation (ECN) does not permit the use of any resources by anyone under the age of 18.

By using this website YOU AGREE that:

1. You are over 18.

2. The electronic cigarette information on this website is provided on the strict understanding that use of electric cigarettes in any way is neither proven safe nor proven safer than cigarettes.

The use of such devices may entail risk and such risk is entirely that of the user and not attributable to Electronic Cigarette Nation (ECN). No liability extends in any way to ECN by the use of electronic cigarettes or the website resources or other websites reached via ECN. Persons who do not accept in full the risks of using such devices or ECN resources must leave this site immediately.

3. Modified or custom-built electronic cigarettes, also known as mods, must be used in accordance with the instructions of the supplier, especially with regard to the use of protected, rechargeable batteries. Unless the supplier provides evidence to the contrary, they have no product liability insurance or safety testing certification or approvals for their products.

Use of mods is entirely at the discretion of the buyer and the buyer assumes all and any risk. ECN assumes no liability for correct or incorrect use of these devices, which buyers must recognise as having potentially more risk than standard ecigarettes, due to the inclusion of larger batteries or multiple batteries. Incorrect use presents real risk, and there is no evidence that even correct use is without risk.

4. Electronic cigarettes should not be purchased or used except by persons who are already smokers of tobacco products. There is no evidence that electronic cigarettes are safer than cigarettes and the buyer assumes all risk in the use of such devices.

There is no evidence that electronic cigarettes are a successful method of harm reduction for smokers or that they can be used to reduce tobacco dependency. ECN does not advocate the use of electronic cigarettes for such purposes and advises that you consult your doctor in person to discuss the use of electronic cigarettes.

Users should recognize that the use of electronic cigarettes as an additional or alternative method of nicotine consumption or for zero-nicotine therapeutic use is unproven as regards safety or efficiency. There may be risks and the user assumes all risks and releases and indemnifies ECN against any or all such risks. The website may only be used by persons who agree that the risk is theirs and not that of ECN.

5. The use of electronic cigarettes and therefore the consumption by inhalation of atomized eliquid is not tested by documented and recognised medical research as being a safe practice.

Additionally, unless a supplier provides evidence to the contrary, there can be no assumption that eliquids contain safe materials for inhalation or even that the constituents are known, measured or analysed. ECN assumes no liability for correct or incorrect use of eliquid by inhalation. There is no evidence that such use is safe and the buyer assumes all risk for such usage.

6. ECN has no control over the content of other websites. Content on other websites is not approved or recommended by ECN. ECN does not and cannot regulate the content of other websites. ECN cannot control content on other sites or decide if it is safe or not.

By following any link from this site to another, YOU AGREE that the risk is yours. YOU AGREE that products seen on other sites may not be safe. YOU AGREE that advice seen on other sites may not be safe. If you do not agree, then DO NOT follow any hyperlinks from this site.

ECN does not enforce local laws because such laws differ according to location and ECN is a global website. ECN CANNOT DETERMINE if the content of any other website is legal in the jurisdiction of the website or the visitor, and ECN DOES NOT ACCEPT ANY LIABILITY WHATSOEVER for determining such legality. You must determine the meaning of your local laws yourself.

If you do not understand the implications of your local laws you should consult a professional in person. YOU MUST NOT FOLLOW ANY LINK FROM THIS WEBSITE if you do not accept FULL RESPONSIBILITY for determining your legal situation and acting in accordance with it.