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V2 Cigs Offers 35% Off Coupon

V2 Cigs Halloween Sale

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Effective Now until 23:59 EST October 31st, 2011, V2 Cigs is offerings 20% off all items in their store. To make the deal even better, V2Cigs and Electronic Cigarette Nation have teamed up to offer our readers 35% off all kits and 30% off cartridges and other accessories at the V2 Cig store.  This is a very limited time offer, but the discounts stack up and save consumers quite a bit on electronic cigarettes.  To participate in the sale, all you need to do is click the above banner which will activate the coupon codes listed in the image, then add items to your cart, then enter the coupon code in the sidebar of the shopping cart page at V2 Electronic Cigarettes.

Consumers should note that the first 20% won’t be taken off until the item is added to the cart and then you must enter the coupon code.

Some of the sale prices are:

V2 POWER-CIG - $23.77

V2 NOTEBOOK-CIG - $20.37

V2 ECONOMY KIT – $40.77

V2 STANDARD KIT – $50.97

V2 TRAVELER KIT – $88.37

V2 COUPLES KIT - $95.17

V2 ULTIMATE KIT - $108.77

The cartridges are priced as low as $9.32 per 5 pack. With each cartridge being the equivalent of 1 pack of cigarettes, that means you are only paying $1.86 a pack!  If you really want to save, you can buy one of the bulk packages of cartomizers and save even more.  For example, if you buy the 80-Pack of Cartridges, normally you would pay $129.95, but with the 20% off, it is only $103.96, and then when you take the additional 10% off, it comes out to be $93.56. That equals $1.17 a pack!
V2 Cigs Halloween Sale

Katherine Heigl and David Letterman Use SmokeStik

Actress Katherine Heigl, the star of Knocked Up, Life As We all know It and gray’s Anatomy, recently appeared at the Late Show with David Letterman and touted the advantages of eco friendly cigarettes often referred to as e-cigs. During her interview, the conversation turned to smoking, and Heigl surprised Letterman by pulling out her eco friendly cigarette and smoking it on stage.

When speaking with Letterman, Heigl discussed her addiction to cigarettes and she mentioned the difficult experiences she had while seeking to give up smoking. She explained that she tried different remedies to kick the habit, but nothing worked.

Heigl then went directly to explain exactly what an electronic cigarette is. She referred to the battery, the cartridges and mentioned that the unit contained liquid nicotine. As she explained to Letterman, the smoke that she produced while at the show was actually just water vapor

Because it seems, she’s not the sole one in love with e-cigs or electronic cigarettes. Leonardo DiCaprio and Johnny Depp, in addition to veteran sportsman Jose Canseco, also are e-cig advocates. Genuinely, many Americans are actually puffing on eco friendly cigarettes, with many finding them a better alternative to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Heigl’s appearance at the Late Show with David Letterman underscores the steady increase in popularity that electronic cigarettes have experienced in recent times. She was using a SmokeStik Electronic Cigarette and you can click the link below to see our review of the SmokeStik Hendu Elite.

SmokeStik Hendu Elite

Electronic Cigarette Sales and Coupons

Black Friday 2011, Cyber Monday 2011, and Thanksgiving Sales are here. As we got this list together, we realized we will be kicking off our third year of doing Electronic Cigarette Reviews. Last year consumers were looking for a way to save money over the holiday season on a tight budget and it isn’t any different this year.  The good news for our readers, you can save a lot of money on the best electronic cigarette brands this weekend with the Thanksgiving Weekend Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales kicking off. The better news for our readers? We pushed for better discounts on Electronic Cigarette Nation and have some great savings opportunities for you. We will continue to update this page throughout the sales and into the holiday season, so be sure to check back regularly. If you would like to follow the sales, you can subscribe to our RSS Feed. If you want to be the first to know about sales, contests, and other insider information, then Join Our Mailing List!

V2 Cigs

35% Off V2 Cigs Starter Kits

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South Beach Smoke

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25% Off South Beach Smoke

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Pure Cigs

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Smoke 51

30% Off 51, KraVe, Green Puffer

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The Safe Cig

5% Off Safe Cig Orders

5% OFF Sitewide Coupon at The Safe Cig. You can try out the brand new Safe Cig Micro kits, or go with one of the classic regular style kits. You can also stock up on cartridges and accessories!
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Wet Flame

10% Off Wet Flame Kits

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White Cloud

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Free Shipping With Cigarti

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2 E-Gars for $19.99

2 E-Lites E-Gars for $19.99. Simply add two E-Gars to your basket and apply the coupon code at the checkout!
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Halo Cigs

20% OFF HALO CIGS Liquid

20% off all premium USA Made E-Liquids
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32% Off Vapor4Life

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Premium E Cigarettes


Receive 20% off sitewide with Premium E Cigarettes when you buy any e cigarette starter kit, custom design e cig battery, e-cigars, and e-pipes
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Green Smoke

50% Off Green Smoke Orders

Receive 15% off the price of a Green Smoke Accessories, Carts, and Batts.
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Firebrand Cigs

15% Off Firebrand Cigs

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Green Smoke in Johannesburg

Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette
In another show of marketing genius, Green Smoke is offering Johannesburg, South Africa residents coupons for trading in their non-Green Smoke brand electronic cigarettes. This coupon is worth R300.00 (approx. $40 USD) and can be used toward purchasing Green Smoke products. The company suggests purchasing their starter kit and using the coupon toward their cartridges, which currently cost R99 for a five pack.

Green Smoke hopes that Johannesburg residents who are unhappy with their current brand of e-cig will take up this offer and become life-long Green Smoke customers. It takes a great deal of confidence in a product for a company to offer such a large discount in hopes of converting new customers.

50% Off Green Smoke Orders

Receive 15% off the price of a Green Smoke Accessories, Carts, and Batts.
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Blu Cigs Partners Up

Blu Cigs, the e-cigarette brand delivering superior style and flavor while using liberty to relish smoking anywhere, features it’s the condition ecigarette during the night time Driver, our planet’s finest luxury limousine – a 70-feet extended, 14-feet high, 460-sq ft . vehicle featuring three full-sized lounges, a bar full of hostess and bartenders, an condition-of-the-art sound system, and much more. The Evening time Driver limo crew will in all probability be delivering good good good examples of blu’s popular disposable e-cigarettes for your 30,000  participants inside the 2011 Great West Truck Show happening within the Las vegas Convention Center, June 9-11.
Like its best-selling rechargeable e-Cigs, blu’s disposables provide you with the same taste and feel within the traditional cigarette with no smoke, smell, ash, and tar. Obtainable in 2 tastes (tobacco & menthol) and excellent for on-the-go, the disposables emit a vapor “puff” instead of smoke – offering an opportune and budget-friendly choice to traditional cigarettes. Just one disposable blu equals roughly 20-30 cigarettes.
“blu is much better recognized due to its style and class, in addition to its superior flavor and quality, therefore, it is simply fitting to partner acquiring a company who’s legendary for that identical things,” stated Jason Healy, Leader of blu.

NicoSheen E Cigarette Brand

NicoSheen was announced this month to be the e cig of Charlie Sheen.  In an effort to clean up his act, Charlie Sheen began using electronic civarettes.  He liked them so much that he is starting his own e cigarette brand, NicoSheen.

Details are limited at this point but we do know he will have an ego style e cig as well as a pen NicoSheen electronic cigarette.  Stay tuned to electronic cigarette nation for more!

Totally Wicked E-Liquid Christmas Savings

The Christmas season just gets better and higher for patrons at Totally Wicked E-Liquid because the Christmas yo-yo Promo has just been announced.

Beginning on November 30th and running until December 20th 2010, the Totally Wicked Yo-Yo Promo is determined to give consumers more great opportunities to grab up bargains and gifts in time for the holiday.

What’s this yo-yo all about? Well, within the duration of the offer there’ll be a guaranteed minimum discount (18%) throughout both websites (UK and US), but there’s a twist. At any given moment and at Mr Wicked’s discretion, the bargain might be increased or decreased (but never below the minimum level), so the bargains are set to yo-yo.

Whichever way you study it, there’ll be incredible deals available, but when you time your visits to the web site perfectly, good deals could develop into amazing deals. It’s going to be really important to have your finger at the trigger (or the mouse button) to make sure you catch the yo-yo at its optimum discount level.

Totally Wicked E Liquid

Revolver Introduces the Infinity Ion Electronic Cigarette

electronic cigarette

visit smoke51 electronic cigarettes

Head over to Revolver and check out their brand new electronic cigarette model – the Infinity Ion. This new e cig features a larger cartridge, which means it will last longer before you need to refill/replace it. At the same time, more of the cartridge is contained inside of the atomizer body, so there is less visible plastic and more design. It is a beautiful electronic cigarette and a great addition to their already amazing product line.

Included in the starter kit is the smartest portable charger case to hit the market, two black batteries with blue LED light, one atomizer, five tobacco flavored cartridges and one USB/wall charger.

We continue to be thoroughly impressed with Revolver and their dedication to bringing the best products available to the market.

Check Out the Infinity Ion Here

50% Off on Totally Wicked Decadent Vapour

electronic cigarette

Totally Wicked just announced that they have taken 50% off the price of their Decadent Vapour Premium Range of e-liquids.  This sale will last through the end of August 2010 or until supplies run out (which may happen quickly given its popularity so hurry!).

If you haven’t heard of the Decadent Vapour e-liquids by Totally Wicked, you need to check them out.  Many vapers believe that it is truly the top-of-the-line juice.  The flavors range from subtle to wild.  Visit Visit Totally Wicked’s Forum to read other vapers’ reviews and check out the poll on the best flavors.

The hard to beat prices are:

1x30ml bottle – $15

3x30ml bottles – $41.50

The Electronic Cigar is Coming!

electronic cigar

The Electronic Cigar is coming.  We are actively creating a new place for you to learn more about electronic cigars.  The electronic cigarette has seen an unparalleled rise in popularity recently with the electronic cigar being left out.  We are creating a site dedicated to only electronic cigars and it will be catered to the consumers that use them.  This is a great opportunity for cigar smokers to smoke inside again where it is banned! Stay tuned as we continue to provide updates.

It’s Coming… the Totally Wicked Evil Weevil

electronic cigarette

Totally Wicked has been working with Joytech to develop a brand new electronic cigarette, sure to rock the e-cig world.  We have highlighted just some of the functions of the Evil Weevil below and further down you can watch the video describing the upcoming unit in further detail.

-Developed exclusively with Joytech
-Interchangeable bodies (like cases for cell phones)
-Customizable performance with changable heads – Standard Weevil to high-voltage
-Built-in USB passthru port with LED display to show battery charge level
-Changeable switch-head with three atomizer connectors; 510-801, 302-901 & KR808 (can use all three at once).
-Tilted head for a “more comfortable vaping position”
-Illuminated switch
-Easy-access internal storage for two atomizers with cartridges attached
-Built-in wireless charger – charges when placed on slim-line wireless charging base
-And more
The video from Totally Wicked:
Visit Totally Wicked and keep your eyes open for the Evil Weevil.

Blu Offers USA E-Cig E-Juice

Blu Electronic CigaretteBlu Cigs and Johnson Creek Enterprises have teamed up to bring a great product to the electronic cigarette world.  Now available from Blu is American Made E-Liquid.  The electronic cigarette requires a liquid nicotine mix to deliver the nicotine to your body utilizing vapor.  Most of the liquids out there have come from China and are not regulated.  Johnson Creek is registered with the FDA pursuant to Section 305 of the United States Public Health Act of 2002.

The company creates juices fresh by hand from start to finish.  All juices are mixed by master mixers with good and pharmaceutical grade ingredients.  Christian Berkey is the CEO of Johnson Creek Enterprises and started the company by himself and has since expanded to create many jobs.  The current flavors available are Classic Tobacco, Magnificent Menthol, Java Jolt, Vivid Vanilla, and Cherry Crush.  Look for more flavors to be added as time goes on!

Check out our reviews for more information on Blu Cigs Electronic Cigarettes!

E-Rette Launches Pre-Orders

electronic cigarette

E-rette does have limited stock and they are launching pre-orders starting tomorrow July 15th.  You can save a special 5% by using coupon code “ECN” and going through our link.  We encourage you to look at the video review before going to see the product work.  You can go to YouTube and type in “E-Rette” and our video will be the top one there.  These are compact electronic cigarettes that deliver clouds of vapor, a massive throat hit, and flavors to keep you going for years!

Visit E-Rette Electronic Cigarette‘s Site Today!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at webmaster@electroniccigarettenation.com!

Smoking Ban Increases E Cigarette Sales

electronic cigarette

Almost as soon as the smoking ban took place statewide in Wisconsin, Smokers turned to the electronic cigarette. There has been a spike in traffic to electronic cigarette sites including Electronic Cigarette Nation. Analog Cigarette users are open to the idea of switching all together, but are definitely looking for another option to use in places affected by the ban.

The electronic cigarette emits a water vapor that delivers nicotine to the user without producing second hand smoke. In fact, because there is no smoke, consumers are able to still use the electronic cigarette in public places such as bars, restaurants, hospitals, airports, etc. Anti-smoking groups have put a lot of bad PR out there about electronic cigarettes and want to ban them, however most of them have never been tobacco users. We all know that quitting smoking is the best choice, but we also understand how difficult it is to quit. That is why the electronic cigarette was made. They have eliminated the need to take in 4000 chemicals and subject others around you to the bad smells and second hand smoke associated with traditional cigarettes. The best news is that smokers can save thousands of dollars a year with this new invention! We strongly encourage you to read our reviews and find the best electronic cigarette for you. If you need any help, please feel free to email webmaster@electroniccigarettenation.com and we will personally guide you through the process. There are no other review sites willing to do that!

Blu Cigs Electronic Cigarette TV Spot

Electronic Cigarette

Blu Cigs is going to be on the Balancing Act on Lifetime television.  Be sure to tune in to see the President of Blu Cigs Electronic Cigarettes explain what the electronic cigarette is, how it works and the benefits.  He explains that you are getting water vapor and nicotine.  They will also cover the levels of nicotine offered.  He also discusses the use of flavors.  They also announce the introduction of Johnson Creek flavors!

Other topics covered are: How they compare to the traditional cigarette, how people use their electronic cigarette, and where it can be used, and cost vs. normal cigarettes!

For those worried about the environment out there he explains the impact on the environment!

The episode will air June 28th at 7am, check your local guide for more details!

Tampa Hospital Approves Electronic Cigarettes

electronic cigarette

Smokers have long been subject to special interest groups targeting them.  It is no different with electronic cigarettes.  As smokers face higher taxes and public humiliation for having to be segregated from the general population, lawmakers are always pushing to make matters worse.  The truth is, the government does not want you to quit smoking cigarettes.  They definitely don’t want you to switch to electronic cigarettes because they will lose all the tax dollars and have to raise taxes on the rest of America.

Smokers have had enough and are standing up around the world.  Electronic cigarettes have exploded in popularity in Europe and are now facing opposition.  We are not sure why no one wants to ban analog cigarettes.  If they are so bad for everyone, apply the laws fairly and ban them all.  At least that is the stance that Europeans are taking with a soaring number of petitions and protests.  In America, lawmakers will have to be willing to raise the taxes for every service you use if they push to ban smoking all together.

The good news, a hospital in Tampa has given it’s stamp of approval to electronic cigarettes on their premises.  If you are addicted to smoking, you know that your nicotine cravings must be satisfied.  I have to wake up early and get caffeine in my system before I get moving too far and I am sure most of America is the same.  When getting a caffeine fix, I can sit and my desk and continue to work while doing so.  In order to satisfy my nicotine cravings I have to stop working and walk far enough away from the building to smoke.  That all changed when I was introduced to electronic cigarettes.  Now I can “smoke” or vape at my desk.  There is no odor, no second hand smoke, and I am not ingesting thousands of chemicals just to get the nicotine.  The Tampa hospital took a productive gains standpoint when approving electronic cigarettes on their grounds.  The workers no longer need to go down many flights of stairs and hide, they just continue working while vaping with their e cig.

The hospital also reduced the amount of employees subject to second hand smoke and will drive down health costs, creating a great bottom line savings.  I have been vaping in my smoke-free workplace with no problem at all and have seen great productivity gains myself.  We have had vapers report that they have been able to use their e cig in airports, on airplanes, and in many other “smoke free” areas.

We highly recommend you make the switch to electronic cigarettes today!

Doctors Support Electronic Cigarettes

electronic cigarette

The American Association of Public Health Physicians (AAPHP) has petitioned the FDA to change the classification of electronic cigarettes to be changed to a Tobacco product and NOT a drug device combination. The FDA has used the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, 201(g) and 201(h) to try and control electronic cigarettes. The policy covering these products should be the new FDA/Tobacco legislation as a tobacco product according to the American Association of Public Health Physicians.

The AAPHP is also petitioning the FDA to change their high-ranking press release regarding electronic cigarettes that was issued on July 22nd, 2009. This petition has single handedly damaged the name of electronic cigarettes. The AAPHP has provided proof that the FDA needs to amend this document.
Joel L. Nitzkin, MD, MPH, DPA the Chair, Tobacco Control Task Force, American Association of Public Health Physicians (AAPHP) states that “reclassification of E-cigarettes to tobacco products could open the door to a new harm reduction component to current tobacco control programming. That new component, in turn, could rapidly and substantially reduce tobacco-related illness and death without increasing the numbers of teens initiating nicotine use.” This comes as a blow to the FDA’s statements regarding the safety of electronic cigarettes. Joel Nitzkin also points out that no money from electronic cigarette companies, tobacco companies, or any other source has been provided to them for their research and findings.

There currently are only two categories listed in the new FDA/Tobacco legislation, cigarettes and smokeless tobacco. Electronic Cigarettes do not fit in either of these categories so they request that they be put in a new category of nicotine vaporizers. They are requesting for them to be regulated the same as other tobacco products and warning labels to be put on ONLY for nicotine addiction. Electronic Cigarette Nation has been a strong supporter of certain laws changing regarding electronic cigarettes, such as age requirements and manufacturing requirements. The marketing material should also be regulated to ensure these are not targeting children. The quality of electronic cigarettes will rise and the wide variety of methods used to create the liquids will be consolidated into an approved method. This will increase the satisfaction and safety of electronic cigarette users.
The petition states ethical concerns as well, “FDA priorities are expected to be the protection of the public’s health. Agency decisions are expected to be based on the best available science. FDA should not mislead health-related organizations or the general public as to the health hazard posed by any product. FDA’s current stances relative to E cigarettes, as presented at the July 22, 2009 FDA press conference, fails on all three of these considerations.” As Americans, we trust in our government to be looking out for our best interests for the public. The FDA will need to read, review, and update their press release, which we understand will take time, however it should be posted within a month of acceptance of the science.
The AAPHP suggests that the risk of death would be less than 5% using electronic cigarettes based on the similar nature to other nicotine replacement products on the market today. The chemical Propylene glycol is recognized as safe and used in many products used in the food and drug industry today. The nicotine levels are similar to that of a cigarette according to the FDA’s study. The lives of 4 to 8 million of the current tobacco users could be saved over the next 20 years. The AAPHP believes that the deaths caused by tobacco products could drop to 10,000 a year after 20 years. The current death rate per year is 400,000+ people. These numbers are staggering and reaffirm what Electronic Cigarette Nation has believed this whole time regarding electronic cigarettes.

Most Americans want to quit smoking or know it is bad for them, however replacing the act of smoking is much more difficult compared to getting off the nicotine. Electronic Cigarettes offer multiple levels of nicotine and even a zero nicotine liquid. This could help you phase out the use of nicotine and still enjoy the process of smoking, which would greatly increase your chance of switching from traditional cigarettes for good. 98% of the deaths caused by tobacco related products come from traditional cigarettes.

We applaud the AAPHP for doing this research and providing supporting documents to the FDA. These Doctors approve the electronic cigarette. We suggest you consult your physician today with this document and see what they think. More information regarding this story can be found at the AAPHP’s site.

BluCigs Recruits Celebrities With Electronic Cigarettes

Blu Cigs Electronic Cigarettes

Blu Cigs is undoubtedly at the top of the game in their marketing efforts – a beautiful website, unique blue tip, colorful product packaging, and crisp creative. And at this year’s Grammy Awards Ceremony, Blu raised the bar even higher.

Managing to get their starter kits (decked out in exclusive Swarovski crystal-embedded packaging) into the official GRAMMY Awards Gift Bags, Blu has effectively made its name known with today’s greatest trendsetters. It should only be a matter of time until we see the effects of this effort.

With all of the controversy over electronic cigarettes, it is important for the industry to gather public support. Blu’s move to convert celebrity smokers to vapers should prove to add invaluable momentum to this movement. Music videos, movies, TV shows? We’ll have to wait and see…

Support Troops With Electronic Cigarette Liquid

electronic cigarette

UK-based e-cig and e-liquid supplier Totally Wicked has jumped the river to America and has launched its new “Patriot Range” e-liquids.  $1.00 from every bottle sold of these new liquids will be donated to the Wounded Warriors Project. The purpose of the Wounded Warriors Project is; to raise awareness and enlist the public’s aid for the needs of severely injured service men and women, to help severely injured service members aid and assist each other, and to provide unique, direct programs and services to meet the needs of severely injured service members. Check out www.woundedwarriorproject.org.

Totally Wicked’s e-liquid flavors have quickly made their way into the favorite lists of veteran vapers. Check out the crazy flavors that will be available in the Patriot Range section at Totally Wicked. Anyone dare to try the mustard and pepper flavored Mad Dog juice?

New Hampshire Pushes to Ban Sales of Electronic Cigarettes to Minors

under 18 no e cigs

New Hampshire is the latest state to push for a ban on minors from purchasing electronic cigarettes.  Electronic Cigarette Nation Supports these measures in full.

There are two essential reasons that this is good news:

1)     We don’t want to see minors start smoking anything (analog cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, illegal drugs, etc.)

2)     When electronic cigarettes are accepted to be for adults only, there is no reason to ban them altogether unless you ban analog cigarettes (that wont happen)

The exciting thing about this story, the youth are the ones proposing it.  The high school students are shocked that their peers can walk into a store and buy an electronic cigarette today.  Electronic Cigarettes were made as an alternative for smokers and not for someone to start.  These have helped a vast amount of tobacco users toss their analog cigarettes aside once and for all.

Electronic Cigarette Nation has taken a strong stance in prohibiting sales to minors and will continue to promote this trend.  If you have any questions or would like to help, please feel free to contact us at webmaster@electroniccigarettenation.com today.