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Revolver is Giving Away One of Everything!

It doesn’t get much more awesome than this in the land of electronic cigarettes. A favorite of ours – Revolver is currently holding a video contest and the grand prize is one of every product they sell. That’s right, literally one of every single thing they sell. And with Revolver putting out such high-quality products, you will feel like a vaping God if you win. If you own a digital camera you need to check it out.

The Grand Prize includes:

1 Elite Starter Kit

1 Infinity Ion Starter Kit

1 Vgo Starter Kit

1 Gemini Starter Kit

1 of every accessory they sell

1 pack of every cartridge flavor (1 strength only)

1 10mL bottle of every liquid (1 strength only)

This comes out to over 130 items and over $1000 in value. All you have to do is record a video and send it to Revolver. It can be anything related to electronic cigarettes so get creative. We were considering not promoting this as we will be entering the contest and would love to take grand prize (but competition is a good thing).

Head over to Revolver and learn more. The deadline is October 22, 2010 so hurry!

Win A Free Electronic Cigarette

Titan Electronic Cigarette

Attention Electronic Cigarette Nation Readers:

We are launching a contest that runs through the end of September.  In order to kick off our Forum on electronic cigarettes that was just launched, we are going to give away a free electronic cigarette starter kit.  The starter kit is the electronic cigarette community favorite 510 Model.

The starter kit is: Titan 510 E-Nic Compact Starter Kit

Details: Available in 6 colors: Black, Gold, Pink, Platinum, Red, and White

The kit comes with a choice of Tobacco or Menthol 18mg fluid, 1 manual battery, 1 atomizer, 1 USB Charger, 1 10ml Bottle of liquid (Menthol or Tobacco flavor), and 3 510 re-fillable cartridges.

Rules of the contest:

1) Users must follow the site policy and be 18 years of age or older and reside in the United States.

2) Spam in the forums will not count as an entry, entries must be quality posts.  Users who post spam will be banned.

3) Must post a minimum of 1 quality post (One entry is given per quality post)

4) If a post does not meet quality standards for an entry, the user will be notified and given an opportunity to change their post.

5) Posts may not include backlinks other than one in the signature.

6) The winner must submit a picture of them using their electronic cigarette and a brief bio to post on our page.

7) Entries must be posted by September 30th, 2010.

How to enter the content:

electronic cigarette forum

Join the forum buy clicking the above link, hit the register button, and begin posting away.

How the prize will be awarded:

Each entry will have the user name put into an excel spreadsheet.

The row number will assign your entry number.

Numbers will be created for each row and entered into a hat.  We will record video of us drawing the number from hat and match it to the corresponding row.

We will contact the winner by email, so ensure your email address used is valid and checked.  If the winner does not respond within 14 days, a new drawing will be held with the process repeating until we have a valid winner.   The winner will be asked to sign a claim verification and prize form to certify that all contest rules were met.

So please spread the word and Enjoy!