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Updated: April 22, 2011

Cigarette Smoking and Cigarette Prices

Many people are still smoking cigarettes and paying the high cigarette prices. In Wisconsin, smokers are paying $6.50 – $7.50 a pack at the locations that offer good deals. It pains me to say good deals in that sentence as it sounds like an oxymoron. When we first started using the electronic cigarette, it was to save money. No longer am I spending $4928.00 a year for my wife and I to smoke a pack a day. We are now paying $1 or less a day (depending on the e cigarette we are using) for a total of $352 a year max. It seems like common sense to do it because you can take that money and buy a high def TV, a XBOX360, playstation 3, AND a WII and perhaps still have money left over. If that doesn’t motivate you to quit or switch over to electronic cigarettes, perhaps a couple other benefits will…

First of all, my house does not smell like crap anymore and I am not going outside at friends houses.  It gets really cold in Wisconsin and let me tell you that I did perfect the art of smoking a cigarette in under 2 minutes thanks to the harsh winters, but I really enjoy staying inside!  Also, I am not killing my dogs with second hand smoke anymore, quite a plus in my book.  My lungs feel better without the cigarette smoking and my wallet feels better without the high cigarette prices.

I am not telling you to get an electronic cigarette because quitting all together would save you the most, but it is a great alternative for those who can’t quit cold turkey; I know I couldn’t.  If you are ready for a smoking alternative, think the e cigarette first, most starter kits run around $40-$100.  Go take a look at Walgreens or Walmart and see how much the patch or other choices are, I bet you will be paying more and look a lot more ridiculous using those!

It may not be health that motivates you on quitting smoking, but ask yourself what you could do with an extra $2K to $5K in your pocket.  If you want to go the electronic cigarette route, please remember that not all e cigs are created equal.  We are one of the only sites that reviews the products and puts up videos of us actually using the products.  We can’t cheat you into the highest paying brand with video evidence.  Other sites will just offer you the best way for them to make money.  Check out the reviews and post your own at the forums.  We don’t promote our overall rating of e cigarettes either.  The sidebar shows the top brands based on user votes, not ours.

By: Joe Sweeney

Ryan and I are the owners of Electronic Cigarette Nation and are Electronic Cigarette Users ourselves.

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