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Updated: April 22, 2011

The Need for Child-Proof E-Liquid Bottles

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We have seen a lot of discussion lately about the dangers of the e-liquid used to re-fill electronic cigarette cartridges, more specifically, child safety. Look at, for example, this insight made in a popular online e cig website:

“When I started receiving eliquid, I sat down with the family and warned them of the dangers. I would suggest anyone with kids lock this stuff up. As horrible as it would be for a kid to get sick, it would prompt action to ban this stuff.”

The fact is that this is a legitimate concern. While other concerns raised about nicotine liquid are often exaggerated, child safety is very important. The concentrations of nicotine in just a small bottle of nicotine liquid is more than enough to seriously injure or even kill a child. Additionally some e-liquid smells good and children might be drawn to taste it. Luckily the juice tastes terrible in a liquid state and a child would probably spit it out quickly, but it could be too late. Given the sometimes negative commentary around e cigs, one accident could permanently damage the industry.

On the other hand, most homes have many other toxic materials. To call out electronic cigarette liquid as dangerous enough to ban it would be unfair when other substances such as detergents, rubbing alcohol and toothpaste can be harmful to kids. However, e cigs are new and controversial, so the stakes are high.

We need to do everything possible to not let children be hurt. To keep children safe and the e cig industry in good standing, we must urge sellers of e-liquid to only offer containers with child proof caps. The companies that do sell child proof nicotine liquid bottles usually only have safety caps on the bottles that they ship. The actual dropper tops that replace the original cap once opened are almost never child proof. We do not feel that the government should regulate electronic cigarettes or pre-filled cartridges, but if the manufacturers fail to take it upon themselves to make nicotine liquid refill bottles child proof, government regulation may be the only option.

Until suppliers make this a standard please keep your e-liquid out of the reach of children. If there is a chance that kids will come into contact with your e-liquid keep it secured out of their reach. E-liquid should be maintained the same as any other poisonous substances in your home.

The electronic cigarette is undoubtedly a great product. Everyone involved in building this industry, whether by supporting or selling should do their part in keeping it going as smoothly as possible and avoid any harm.

A few electronic cigarette makers are taking the initiative by selling e-liquid refill containers with child proof caps. If you’d like to visit some of these companies visit:

Totally Wicked
Electronic Cigarettes Inc.
Eliquid Planet

By: Ryan

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