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V2 Cigs Offers 35% Off Coupon

V2 Cigs Halloween Sale

10% Off V2 Cigs Accessories

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Receive 15% with this coupon on all V2 Cigs Starter Kits. This is a limited time sale with V2 CIGS! Starter kit orders receive 15% off. Use our other coupon for accessories, cartridges, and other non-starter kit items!
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Effective Now until 23:59 EST October 31st, 2011, V2 Cigs is offerings 20% off all items in their store. To make the deal even better, V2Cigs and Electronic Cigarette Nation have teamed up to offer our readers 35% off all kits and 30% off cartridges and other accessories at the V2 Cig store.  This is a very limited time offer, but the discounts stack up and save consumers quite a bit on electronic cigarettes.  To participate in the sale, all you need to do is click the above banner which will activate the coupon codes listed in the image, then add items to your cart, then enter the coupon code in the sidebar of the shopping cart page at V2 Electronic Cigarettes.

Consumers should note that the first 20% won’t be taken off until the item is added to the cart and then you must enter the coupon code.

Some of the sale prices are:

V2 POWER-CIG - $23.77

V2 NOTEBOOK-CIG - $20.37

V2 ECONOMY KIT – $40.77

V2 STANDARD KIT – $50.97

V2 TRAVELER KIT – $88.37

V2 COUPLES KIT - $95.17

V2 ULTIMATE KIT - $108.77

The cartridges are priced as low as $9.32 per 5 pack. With each cartridge being the equivalent of 1 pack of cigarettes, that means you are only paying $1.86 a pack!  If you really want to save, you can buy one of the bulk packages of cartomizers and save even more.  For example, if you buy the 80-Pack of Cartridges, normally you would pay $129.95, but with the 20% off, it is only $103.96, and then when you take the additional 10% off, it comes out to be $93.56. That equals $1.17 a pack!
V2 Cigs Halloween Sale

Katherine Heigl and David Letterman Use SmokeStik

Actress Katherine Heigl, the star of Knocked Up, Life As We all know It and gray’s Anatomy, recently appeared at the Late Show with David Letterman and touted the advantages of eco friendly cigarettes often referred to as e-cigs. During her interview, the conversation turned to smoking, and Heigl surprised Letterman by pulling out her eco friendly cigarette and smoking it on stage.

When speaking with Letterman, Heigl discussed her addiction to cigarettes and she mentioned the difficult experiences she had while seeking to give up smoking. She explained that she tried different remedies to kick the habit, but nothing worked.

Heigl then went directly to explain exactly what an electronic cigarette is. She referred to the battery, the cartridges and mentioned that the unit contained liquid nicotine. As she explained to Letterman, the smoke that she produced while at the show was actually just water vapor

Because it seems, she’s not the sole one in love with e-cigs or electronic cigarettes. Leonardo DiCaprio and Johnny Depp, in addition to veteran sportsman Jose Canseco, also are e-cig advocates. Genuinely, many Americans are actually puffing on eco friendly cigarettes, with many finding them a better alternative to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Heigl’s appearance at the Late Show with David Letterman underscores the steady increase in popularity that electronic cigarettes have experienced in recent times. She was using a SmokeStik Electronic Cigarette and you can click the link below to see our review of the SmokeStik Hendu Elite.

SmokeStik Hendu Elite

Electronic Cigarette Sales and Coupons

Black Friday 2011, Cyber Monday 2011, and Thanksgiving Sales are here. As we got this list together, we realized we will be kicking off our third year of doing Electronic Cigarette Reviews. Last year consumers were looking for a way to save money over the holiday season on a tight budget and it isn’t any different this year.  The good news for our readers, you can save a lot of money on the best electronic cigarette brands this weekend with the Thanksgiving Weekend Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales kicking off. The better news for our readers? We pushed for better discounts on Electronic Cigarette Nation and have some great savings opportunities for you. We will continue to update this page throughout the sales and into the holiday season, so be sure to check back regularly. If you would like to follow the sales, you can subscribe to our RSS Feed. If you want to be the first to know about sales, contests, and other insider information, then Join Our Mailing List!

V2 Cigs

35% Off V2 Cigs Starter Kits

Use promo code “Save35” when you spend $200 or more and get 35% off the cost of your entire order. Promo code “Save30” gets you 30% off orders totaling $150. Use “Save25” to get 25% off orders of $100 or more.
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10% Off V2 Cigs Accessories

Use this V2Cigs Coupon Code on cartridges, batteries, and accessories orders to save an extra 10% for a limited time!
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South Beach Smoke

10% Off South Beach Smoke

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25% Off South Beach Smoke

As a one-time offer order South Beach Smoke Cartridges with 25% Off your next order when you join the Home Delivery Program. Don't ever run out of cartomizers again!
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Pure Cigs

25% Off Pure Cigs Starter Kits

Save 25% On Pure Cigs Starter Kits. This is the best Pure Cigs Coupon Available.
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Smoke 51

30% Off 51, KraVe, Green Puffer

Save 30% Off Green Puffer, Smoke 51 E Cigs, and KraVe Disposable e cigarettes with this Coupon Code. The discount will be applied in the cart and you will need to copy and paste the revealed code to claim your Fifty-One Discount.
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The Safe Cig

5% Off Safe Cig Orders

5% OFF Sitewide Coupon at The Safe Cig. You can try out the brand new Safe Cig Micro kits, or go with one of the classic regular style kits. You can also stock up on cartridges and accessories!
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Wet Flame

10% Off Wet Flame Kits

Save 10% Off Wet Flame e-cigarette products only at ECN!
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White Cloud

15% Off White Cloud Starter Kits

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Free Shipping With Cigarti

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2 E-Gars for $19.99

2 E-Lites E-Gars for $19.99. Simply add two E-Gars to your basket and apply the coupon code at the checkout!
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Halo Cigs

20% OFF HALO CIGS Liquid

20% off all premium USA Made E-Liquids
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32% Off Vapor4Life

Save 32% On Vapor4Life products when your order is over $50.
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Premium E Cigarettes


Receive 20% off sitewide with Premium E Cigarettes when you buy any e cigarette starter kit, custom design e cig battery, e-cigars, and e-pipes
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Green Smoke

50% Off Green Smoke Orders

Receive 15% off the price of a Green Smoke Accessories, Carts, and Batts.
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Firebrand Cigs

15% Off Firebrand Cigs

Receive 20% off any product (including electronic cigarette starter kits, e liquid, and e cig accessories) by using this coupon code!
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Green Smoke in Johannesburg

Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette
In another show of marketing genius, Green Smoke is offering Johannesburg, South Africa residents coupons for trading in their non-Green Smoke brand electronic cigarettes. This coupon is worth R300.00 (approx. $40 USD) and can be used toward purchasing Green Smoke products. The company suggests purchasing their starter kit and using the coupon toward their cartridges, which currently cost R99 for a five pack.

Green Smoke hopes that Johannesburg residents who are unhappy with their current brand of e-cig will take up this offer and become life-long Green Smoke customers. It takes a great deal of confidence in a product for a company to offer such a large discount in hopes of converting new customers.

50% Off Green Smoke Orders

Receive 15% off the price of a Green Smoke Accessories, Carts, and Batts.
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Blu Cigs Partners Up

Blu Cigs, the e-cigarette brand delivering superior style and flavor while using liberty to relish smoking anywhere, features it’s the condition ecigarette during the night time Driver, our planet’s finest luxury limousine – a 70-feet extended, 14-feet high, 460-sq ft . vehicle featuring three full-sized lounges, a bar full of hostess and bartenders, an condition-of-the-art sound system, and much more. The Evening time Driver limo crew will in all probability be delivering good good good examples of blu’s popular disposable e-cigarettes for your 30,000  participants inside the 2011 Great West Truck Show happening within the Las vegas Convention Center, June 9-11.
Like its best-selling rechargeable e-Cigs, blu’s disposables provide you with the same taste and feel within the traditional cigarette with no smoke, smell, ash, and tar. Obtainable in 2 tastes (tobacco & menthol) and excellent for on-the-go, the disposables emit a vapor “puff” instead of smoke – offering an opportune and budget-friendly choice to traditional cigarettes. Just one disposable blu equals roughly 20-30 cigarettes.
“blu is much better recognized due to its style and class, in addition to its superior flavor and quality, therefore, it is simply fitting to partner acquiring a company who’s legendary for that identical things,” stated Jason Healy, Leader of blu.

NicoSheen E Cigarette Brand

NicoSheen was announced this month to be the e cig of Charlie Sheen.  In an effort to clean up his act, Charlie Sheen began using electronic civarettes.  He liked them so much that he is starting his own e cigarette brand, NicoSheen.

Details are limited at this point but we do know he will have an ego style e cig as well as a pen NicoSheen electronic cigarette.  Stay tuned to electronic cigarette nation for more!

Vapor4Life Juice Examined

An up close and private look at what’s behind the top gadget that’s hitting the smoking world by storm – The e- Cigarette , with an in depth view on it’s side kick referred to as “Smoke Juice.”

Vapor4life, an electronic cigarette distributor worldwide, is one of the top Smoke Juice companies and consumers want to know what is in their juice.

Numerous studies have shown that conventional tobacco cigarettes can contain upwards of 4000 toxic chemicals. Decades of analysis has shown that these chemicals cause many life-shortening illnesses. World wide, smokers struggle to escape from analog cigarettes but often find that their dependency on nicotine makes quitting traditional cigarettes nearly impossible.

In 2003 electronic cigarettes emerged from China. This new technology, created an alternative to standard smoking, involves no combustion whatsoever and provides an easy way for users to obtain their nicotine cravings via water vapor.

The electronic cigarette user, or “vaper”, uses a battery operated vaporizer.  The eLiquid is heated to supply a visual vapor that resembles cigarette smoke. The consumer inhales the vapor and receives an sensation to inhaling smoke while receiving their nicotine that they crave. Electronic cigarettes produce no smoke, no distinct odor, and nor do they burn or create any combustion. It has heads turning and has people approaching e-cig users and asking questions.

Vapor4Life touts it’s 2 piece models, referred to as The unique Vapor King constructed from a battery and a cartomizer (atomizer/cartridge one piece unit) , which offers a smoker the feeling of inhaling “smoke” via water vapor that’s produced by propylene glycol while acting as an agent of transport for flavoring and the nicotine that the user craves while satisfying the hand-to-mouth habit that’s developed through smoking.

Made from propylene glycol, food grade flavorings and nicotine; the smoke juice delivers the nicotine and uses a generally known as safe element in fog machines that creates the bogus fog. Propylene glycol is usually the component in asthma inhalers that creates the mist that delivers the crucial medication to the asthmatic patient. It’s also an element in gel capsules containing over-the-counter and prescription medications. Oral, injectable and topical pharmaceutical formulations often use propylene glycol as well.

Members of the electronic cigarette industry are, typically, users of electronic cigarettes themselves who’re seeking a substitute alternative for the normal tobacco cigarette. “We don’t claim that it is smoking cessation product line. We’re trying to provide an alternative choice to smoking that enables the user to get their nicotine” says Dave Stepen, Executive Vp of Operations and Marketing for Vapor4Life. “Vapor4Life’s goal is to offer it’s customers with the most flavorful and effective use of this new technology. “The first ingredient in Vapor4Life’s tasty “nobacco juice” is none aside from propylene glycol. “We only use the very best quality propylene glycol in our juice and our makers take incredible steps to make sure that we deliver the best flavors while not having to take shortcuts in quality assurance” states Mr. Stepen.

With starter kits as little as $25.00 on sale, e-cigarettes are drastically cheaper than traditional tobacco cigarettes, in addition to being more public friendly as a result of loss of odor. The renowned model of e-cigarette sold by Vapor4Life is the unique Vapor King KR808D-1 and is rapidly growing to be one of the most popular brands on the market

Vapor4Life offers greater than 130 flavors of Smoke Juice for their customers to choose from.

Vapor4Life’s flagship Original Vapor King, outstanding customer support, no hassle warranty, and big range of Nobacco juice flavors has brought them greater than 40,000 customers worldwide, proving them to be a force to be reckoned with within the e-Cigarette industry.

Since 2003 electronic cigarettes have taken the realm by storm. With over 1000000 smokers now using the smoke-free electronic cigarette alternative to get their nicotine fix, it has become clear that electronic cigarettes have carved their place on earth and are here to remain.

Totally Wicked E-Liquid Christmas Savings

The Christmas season just gets better and higher for patrons at Totally Wicked E-Liquid because the Christmas yo-yo Promo has just been announced.

Beginning on November 30th and running until December 20th 2010, the Totally Wicked Yo-Yo Promo is determined to give consumers more great opportunities to grab up bargains and gifts in time for the holiday.

What’s this yo-yo all about? Well, within the duration of the offer there’ll be a guaranteed minimum discount (18%) throughout both websites (UK and US), but there’s a twist. At any given moment and at Mr Wicked’s discretion, the bargain might be increased or decreased (but never below the minimum level), so the bargains are set to yo-yo.

Whichever way you study it, there’ll be incredible deals available, but when you time your visits to the web site perfectly, good deals could develop into amazing deals. It’s going to be really important to have your finger at the trigger (or the mouse button) to make sure you catch the yo-yo at its optimum discount level.

Totally Wicked E Liquid

Electronic Cigarettes Are A Better Smoking Alternative

What makes electronic cigarettes a better smoking alternative?

E cigs are a brand new product and they are taking smokers everywhere by storm! The e cig mixes propylene glycol (essentially water vapor) and nicotine, then allows you to inhale the vapor much like a cigarette . There are quite a few benefits of electronic cigarettes over traditional cigarettes and i’m going to give you 10 of them.

1.) The Flavors: There are so many options that any smoker is sure to find a flavor they like.  Companies like South Beach Smoke offer a vast amount.

2.) The flexibility To Smoke Everywhere: Water Vapor is not banned, only smoke.  There is no smoke, hence there is no ban.

3.) There isn’t any Flame: No worries of fires or needing a lighter.

4.) The Batteries: Most Kits come with multiple kits and even have options to charge on the go.

5.) Style: They can take a cigarette to the next level or emulate an analog with near perfection.

6.) They Assist In Reducing Chemical Intake: The E cigarette does not contain 4000 chemicals like analog cigarettes

7.) Dentist Recommended: You recognize those gnarly yellow teeth that you simply get from smoking?? Not anymore! Without the smoke and chemicals in cigarettes you won’t reduce your teeth to rubble. Let alone your breath.

8.) The Chargers: The chargers that are included with e cigs vary from wall chargers to car chargers, USB chargers, to packs that charge as you go.

9.) The Flexibility: You can easily interchange parts with your spouse that has a similar one. Borrowing a battery is much better than bumming a cigarette!

10.) The cost: One of the best reason to begin vaping for most consumers is the money saved. Refill cartridges are significantly cheaper than a brand new pack of cigarettes. There’s the initial cost of the starter kit but it will pay for itself within two weeks or less in most cases.

What Is An Electronic Cigarette?

The Electronic Cigarette or Ecigarette has taken the smoking community by storm. Get the facts about this tobacco smoking alternative.

The ecig is a new and exciting technology. This device is designed to appear, feel and taste like a conventional cigarette, but without all of the risks and taboos related to the genuine thing.

The smoke delivered by these look-alikes isn’t smoke in any respect, but a water vapor. This vapor  is available in a range of flavors consisting of apple, strawberry, chocolate and vanilla and incorporates a predetermined amount of nicotine. You pick the nicotine amount, determined by what strength cartridge you decide on, anywhere from zero mg to as much as 24 mg. What’s amazing, though, is this vapor looks and tastes like tobacco smoke and offers the smoker a sensation quite similar to the actual thing.

Smoking has become prohibited in nearly all public places, but that’s not a problem with these electronic imitations since there isn’t any smoke. As a matter of fact, there’s no combustion in any respect. There’s also no foul odor, no concern about second-hand smoke risks, no ash and no smelly clothing or hair. These devices allow the user the liberty to partake in their pastime at work, in restaurants, in movie theaters or anywhere else, really.

Here’s how they work. The technology is revolutionary. The units are powered by rechargeable lithium batteries. An ultrasound atomizer, which includes a microchip driven atomizer that supplies the smoke-like vapor. The mouthpiece features a cartridge that offers the flavour and nicotine. Many E Cig Starter kits include a gorgeous pack for storing extra cartridges and batteries and may be used as a source for recharging.

One cartridge will last about as long as a dozen regular cigarettes . Cartridges are simple to switch and the batteries are easy to recharge, with a normal wall charger or USB port. A lot of these units are even self-cleaning, making maintenance a breeze.

These gadgets are so realistic. They appear to function as analog cigarettes, but without 4000 chemicals or social taboos linked to real cigarettes. The tip lights up when the user draws at the mouthpiece, simulating a lit cigarette.

The electronic cigarette is cutting-edge, revolutionary and destined to alter the way in which people get their nicotine fix. And best of all, for many, they’ll finally end up saving you cash. It’s a win-win.

Smoke Fifty One – The Future of Technology Today

There are a lot of electronic cigarettes that you can purchase today, few of them compare to the Fifty-One Duo . With its advanced technology and realistic feeling of an analog cigarette , this may be the electronic cigarette for you The Fifty-One Duo is a revolutionary brand of e cigarette having two main products: The unique patented Duo and the industry standard Trio. The technology allows people to smoke anywhere they need without the danger of harming others with tobacco smoke or getting booted from restaurants.

The unique patented Duo technology is a two piece setup of the electronic cigarette : the battery component and the atomized cartridge/filter, making it easy as ever to piece together and get for your smoking way. The sole thing you have to replace is the atomizer/filter without having to maintain a separate atomizer unit. The carts are available in several flavors including menthol, chocolate, coffee and regular tobacco flavor. The Duo is rechargeable and produces clouds of vapor.

The Trio is standard to the electronic cigarette retailers. The Trio’s atomizer stays with the battery for continuous reuse. The Trio is available in a similar flavor because the Duo and in addition just like the Duo is absolutely rechargeable.  This is the little brother trying to live up to the Duo E Cig.

The cartridges of the e-cig are what you replace and contain the nicotine and flavor. And so they last in regards to the equivalent of 2 packs of standard cigarettes so, reckoning on how much the user smokes will make a difference in how long they last. You may know the cartridge should be changed after they begin to loose flavor and fewer vapor is produced.

The vapor, for comfortableness of the user and the folks around them, is totally odor free. Inside the vapor contains mostly water, and trace elements of nicotine and ” propylene glycol.” Propylene glycol is typical in food coloring and is approved by the Food and Drug Administration as a secure element.

With Smoke Fifty-One electronic cigarettes, you’re able to choose your nicotine amount to fulfill your nicotine needs. With the Trio you can choose from 18, 14, 11 and zero mg of nicotine on your cigarettes. Since the Trio has an exclusive design in its atomization process, it uses less juice while still providing an vapor. The Duo is available in 16, 12, 8, 6, 4 and 0 mg. The 16 and 12 mg are for consumers who smoke a lot.

The technology of an electronic cigarette is extremely advanced. The battery, on an entire charge, can last a entire day and after you buy a Fifty-One starter kit you get two batteries so that you charge the alternative one while using one and in turn charging the other. The 51 doesn’t have an on/off switch since it has a microchip and sensor, on every inhalation it will activate and deactivate whenever you stop inhaling. With the Smoke Fifty-One you may smoke anywhere and everywhere because of the smokeless vapor it releases is not smoke but only water vapor.

The Smoke Fifty-One is a highly advanced peace of technology and helps smokers by offering a substitute for smoking.

Read The Review

Revolver is Giving Away One of Everything!

It doesn’t get much more awesome than this in the land of electronic cigarettes. A favorite of ours – Revolver is currently holding a video contest and the grand prize is one of every product they sell. That’s right, literally one of every single thing they sell. And with Revolver putting out such high-quality products, you will feel like a vaping God if you win. If you own a digital camera you need to check it out.

The Grand Prize includes:

1 Elite Starter Kit

1 Infinity Ion Starter Kit

1 Vgo Starter Kit

1 Gemini Starter Kit

1 of every accessory they sell

1 pack of every cartridge flavor (1 strength only)

1 10mL bottle of every liquid (1 strength only)

This comes out to over 130 items and over $1000 in value. All you have to do is record a video and send it to Revolver. It can be anything related to electronic cigarettes so get creative. We were considering not promoting this as we will be entering the contest and would love to take grand prize (but competition is a good thing).

Head over to Revolver and learn more. The deadline is October 22, 2010 so hurry!

Cigarette Smoking and Cigarette Prices

Many people are still smoking cigarettes and paying the high cigarette prices. In Wisconsin, smokers are paying $6.50 – $7.50 a pack at the locations that offer good deals. It pains me to say good deals in that sentence as it sounds like an oxymoron. When we first started using the electronic cigarette, it was to save money. No longer am I spending $4928.00 a year for my wife and I to smoke a pack a day. We are now paying $1 or less a day (depending on the e cigarette we are using) for a total of $352 a year max. It seems like common sense to do it because you can take that money and buy a high def TV, a XBOX360, playstation 3, AND a WII and perhaps still have money left over. If that doesn’t motivate you to quit or switch over to electronic cigarettes, perhaps a couple other benefits will…

First of all, my house does not smell like crap anymore and I am not going outside at friends houses.  It gets really cold in Wisconsin and let me tell you that I did perfect the art of smoking a cigarette in under 2 minutes thanks to the harsh winters, but I really enjoy staying inside!  Also, I am not killing my dogs with second hand smoke anymore, quite a plus in my book.  My lungs feel better without the cigarette smoking and my wallet feels better without the high cigarette prices.

I am not telling you to get an electronic cigarette because quitting all together would save you the most, but it is a great alternative for those who can’t quit cold turkey; I know I couldn’t.  If you are ready for a smoking alternative, think the e cigarette first, most starter kits run around $40-$100.  Go take a look at Walgreens or Walmart and see how much the patch or other choices are, I bet you will be paying more and look a lot more ridiculous using those!

It may not be health that motivates you on quitting smoking, but ask yourself what you could do with an extra $2K to $5K in your pocket.  If you want to go the electronic cigarette route, please remember that not all e cigs are created equal.  We are one of the only sites that reviews the products and puts up videos of us actually using the products.  We can’t cheat you into the highest paying brand with video evidence.  Other sites will just offer you the best way for them to make money.  Check out the reviews and post your own at the forums.  We don’t promote our overall rating of e cigarettes either.  The sidebar shows the top brands based on user votes, not ours.

Cigarettes Online: The FDA

cigarettes online

The FDA has been targeting electronic cigarette companies online much more than cigarette companies that sell online. Electronic Cigarette Nation is committed to doing anything to help prevent under 18 people from getting their hands on electronic cigarettes and we want the same for regular cigarettes. The truth remains that there is little regulation in assuring someone is over 18 for even online cigarette purchases. The FDA seems to have lost some focus on these sales as they believe most people purchase from stores.

In a bad economy, people are turning to electronic cigarettes to save money. However, the word still has not spread enough and smokers are also turning to online sites to find discounted cigarettes.  Cigarettes online seem to be just as easy as anything to obtain if you have a credit card.  In the past, I would have said a credit card was a strong enough requirement, but now younger kids have credit cards and the issue is becoming a problem.

We are not offering a solution to this, only asking the FDA to provide a fair standard treatment.  We would like to see the FDA provide the same focus on cigarettes online as they do with electronic cigarettes online.  Lets work together to keep kids out of the addiction to nicotine.  I have never met a smoker who said they were glad they took up smoking, so prevention is the best method.  We also ask that the FDA does not ban or regulate the electronic cigarette any different than the analog cigarettes.   The facts are simple, 4000+ chemicals in regular cigarettes and 3-10 in electronic cigarettes.  We know that nicotine is not good for you, but it seems as though less chemicals would be better for you!

The Electronic Cigarette

Joe using Electronic Cigarettes

Many people have a lot of questions when they see me using my electronic cigarettes out and about.  I figured it would be a good opportunity to address some of those questions on a public basis.

1) You can smoke in here?

In Wisconsin, we have smoking bans almost everywhere you go.  I usually get people turning their head and whispering to the person next to them before they inquire about me smoking inside.  The electronic cigarette does not produce smoke, but instead a harmless water vapor is emitted that delivers nicotine only to the user.  There is no smoke, so no anti-smoking laws apply

2) Is it really better for you?

Electronic Cigarette Nation’s official stance is that an electronic cigarette is only a smoking alternative (thanks to our friends at the FDA).  However, you are not inhaling 4000 chemicals like rat poison and poisonous gases used in gas chambers.  You also won’t smell bad, have stained teeth, or harm others with second hand smoke.  We will leave this answer up to you to decide.

3) How much does the e cigarette cost?

The electronic cigarette costs anywhere from $30 to $250 depending on what company you go with.  Not all e cigarettes are created equal and that produces the range of cost.  However, many companies charge extra to offer better promotion and that isn’t necessarily the best one for you because it looks pretty.

4) Which E Cig is the best?

In my opinion, I love the Premium PR111, South Beach Smoke’s Deluxe kit, the NJoy NPro Duo, and my newest top one is The Duo by Fifty-One.  The truth is that these all are similar and offer the best case for the heavier smokers.  Lighter smokers most likely would want an e cigarette like Blu, The Trio by Fifty-One, or another smaller model.  There is no best electronic cigarette for everyone, or really any product.  Imagine if there was a best car and everyone drove the same car, doesn’t seem right does it?

5) Where can I learn more?

Electronic Cigarette Nation offers unbiased electronic cigarette reviews to ensure consumers are only spending money on something they will enjoy.  We also focus on electronic cigarette companies that offer money back programs in case it is not a fit for you.  Reading our reviews and providing feedback to other users on our site will greatly increase your odds and other consumers odds of enjoying their electronic cigarette purchase.  The reviews on Electronic Cigarette Nation include videos so you can see the product in use before you buy it.  Anywhere you see the play button in the bottom right corner of a picture, click it and the video will load without taking you away from the page.

I hope I was able to answer the most common questions.  If you have any others, please feel free to email webmaster@electroniccigarettenation.com and we will respond within 24 hours.

Don’t miss out on the NFL

e cigs and football

The NFL season is only moments away from starting with a bang between the Minnesota Viking and the New Orleans Saints in the rematch from the 2009 season NFC championship.  With the NFL potentially entering it’s last year before the strike, fans won’t want to miss a second of their team this year.  There is nothing like grabbing a beer and watching the game in prime time.  Smokers are however left with the decision of smoking in their house and having it stink or getting shoes on and running outside in the hope of not missing any of the game.

It may not be so bad if you live in a house where you can just run out the front door, but in an apartment, it is difficult to make it back in time.  If you are anything like me, you want a cigarette during the most pivotal time in the game because tension is so high!  The good news, you do not have to make the decision to go without nicotine or miss part of the game.  The Electronic Cigarette brings you back in your house, out of the cold.  Your house will not smell like smoke due to only vapor being emitted from the e cigarette.  The other benefit, there is no second hand smoke, so you won’t be harming others in your house!

When I switched to the electronic cigarette I made the best change of my life.  My house smells great and we are not trying to hide the smell when friends come over for the game.  I also personally feel better not taking in 4000+ chemicals and want to do anything possible to spend as long of a life with my wife and family as possible.

There are a lot of e cigarettes out there, so you need to be sure to research to find what is best for you.  There is no ONE SIZE FITS ALL electronic cigarette out there.  Many review sites claim to offer only the best one or two brands out there.  The truth, those one or two companies pay them the best commission rates, so they become the “best” electronic cigarette.  Electronic Cigarette Nation has taken a stance and offers reviews of individual electronic cigarettes, not complete companies.  There is a clear difference from from a Toyota Avalon to a Toyota Yaris.  E cig companies know that everyone is on a different budget and they offer various models to accommodate this.

We urge you to head over to our reviews section by clicking Reviews on our top banner and start reading up!  If you have some knowledge already about an electronic cigarette, please head to our forum to post about it or just ask questions.  As always, Electronic Cigarette Nation will always help consumers narrow down their options based on their needs by emailing webmaster@electroniccigarettenation.com.

Revolver Introduces the Infinity Ion Electronic Cigarette

electronic cigarette

visit smoke51 electronic cigarettes

Head over to Revolver and check out their brand new electronic cigarette model – the Infinity Ion. This new e cig features a larger cartridge, which means it will last longer before you need to refill/replace it. At the same time, more of the cartridge is contained inside of the atomizer body, so there is less visible plastic and more design. It is a beautiful electronic cigarette and a great addition to their already amazing product line.

Included in the starter kit is the smartest portable charger case to hit the market, two black batteries with blue LED light, one atomizer, five tobacco flavored cartridges and one USB/wall charger.

We continue to be thoroughly impressed with Revolver and their dedication to bringing the best products available to the market.

Check Out the Infinity Ion Here

Win A Free Electronic Cigarette

Titan Electronic Cigarette

Attention Electronic Cigarette Nation Readers:

We are launching a contest that runs through the end of September.  In order to kick off our Forum on electronic cigarettes that was just launched, we are going to give away a free electronic cigarette starter kit.  The starter kit is the electronic cigarette community favorite 510 Model.

The starter kit is: Titan 510 E-Nic Compact Starter Kit

Details: Available in 6 colors: Black, Gold, Pink, Platinum, Red, and White

The kit comes with a choice of Tobacco or Menthol 18mg fluid, 1 manual battery, 1 atomizer, 1 USB Charger, 1 10ml Bottle of liquid (Menthol or Tobacco flavor), and 3 510 re-fillable cartridges.

Rules of the contest:

1) Users must follow the site policy and be 18 years of age or older and reside in the United States.

2) Spam in the forums will not count as an entry, entries must be quality posts.  Users who post spam will be banned.

3) Must post a minimum of 1 quality post (One entry is given per quality post)

4) If a post does not meet quality standards for an entry, the user will be notified and given an opportunity to change their post.

5) Posts may not include backlinks other than one in the signature.

6) The winner must submit a picture of them using their electronic cigarette and a brief bio to post on our page.

7) Entries must be posted by September 30th, 2010.

How to enter the content:

electronic cigarette forum

Join the forum buy clicking the above link, hit the register button, and begin posting away.

How the prize will be awarded:

Each entry will have the user name put into an excel spreadsheet.

The row number will assign your entry number.

Numbers will be created for each row and entered into a hat.  We will record video of us drawing the number from hat and match it to the corresponding row.

We will contact the winner by email, so ensure your email address used is valid and checked.  If the winner does not respond within 14 days, a new drawing will be held with the process repeating until we have a valid winner.   The winner will be asked to sign a claim verification and prize form to certify that all contest rules were met.

So please spread the word and Enjoy!

Where Can I Vape? Part 2

electronic cigarette

Today was a challenging day for me, everything started off wrong.  In the past, I would have gone for a cigarette, but thank God for Vaping.  I was able to make it through the day using my e-rette electronic cigarette, njoy electronic cigarette, and premium e cigarette.  I usually carry multiple ones loaded with different flavors depending on what I am in the mood for.

New Locations I Vaped at:

Casa Del Sol: A Mexican Restaurant

Today I had a business meeting during lunch and we went to a Mexican Restaurant names Casa Del Sol.  After eating the oversized portions, I took out my electronic cigarette.  They initially came over and said I could not use it.  Once I explained what it was, how it worked, and that it was water vapor they let me continue to use it.  This was the most enjoyable vape of the day.

Vaping at Casa Del Sol result: Negative at first, but it all smoothed over and I continued to vape.

Target: Storefront

I had to swing by Target after work and pick up my wife.  I went in and while we were walking around, I took out my electronic cigarette and began to use it.  There was no feedback at all and only a couple of people looking at me oddly.  I half expected the security to find me from watching on the cameras, but nothing happened.

Vaping at Target Result: A great success, the local store seemed to be very vapor friendly.

Stay tuned for more places I vape in future editions as we work to expose the statement that you can the electronic cigarette anywhere.

Where Can I Vape? Part 1

electronic cigarette

Today I am starting a new series called Where Can I Vape? The idea is simple, I will provide places I have or tried to vape along with the results and reactions of others.

This morning I started by vaping in my house. This may not seem significant to some, but if you are married, you will understand. My wife hates smoking in the house because everything begins to smell like cigarettes, the walls change color over time, and it is just generally bad to sit in smoke all day and re-breath it in. The solution was simple, use an electronic cigarette. Water vapor will not produce any of the negative effects, I don’t miss any of the TV I am watching, and I am not getting bitten by the 1 million plus mosquitoes waiting for me as soon as I step out the door.
Vaping at home Result: A Success – Happy Wife = Happy Husband

Next I headed to work at an office building on a smoke free campus. Quite clearly, smoking is not wanted in Madison, WI. I began to use my electronic cigarette at my desk. There are several people in the cubes around me, not one noticed. If I lit a cigarette… all hell would break loose. I no longer ran around the office trying to find a way or an excuse to get outside to smoke a cigarette, my nicotine craving was satisfied.
Vaping at work Result: A Success – Less time leaving to go far away to smoke = A more productive me and happy stock holders (even though they may not know the direct impact I was providing).

On the way home I needed gas. I stopped at a local gas station and went inside. I saw overpriced low quality e cigs inside, shook my head and walked out to the pump. I threw the nozzle in and began to vape. Looking around I saw people starting to stare at me in disbelief thinking I was smoking. I decided to switch to NJoy NPRO DUO as it is black and people realized it was not a cigarette at all. I was not kicked out nor did the police show up.
Vaping at the gas station result: A Success – Even though I came close to causing problems, it all worked out.

As I continue to try new places, I will update them on our site. Make sure to follow me through this real life experience in seeing if I can truly vape anywhere as advertised…

E Cigarette Savings in Retail vs. Online

electronic cigarette

Recently we posted an article about selling electronic cigarettes in retail situations.  It is becoming more and more prevalent for gas stations to carry e cigarettes.  Most gas station chains are carrying disposable electronic cigarettes that have raised concerns with Electronic Cigarette Nation.  Many of the disposable e cigs offer little to no savings.  In fact, most are actually costing users more money than they would have spent.  Consumers are still benefiting from not receiving all 4000 chemicals in regular cigarettes, however if you are a heavy smoker like me, it has always been cost that drives your desire to quit rather than health.  We have seen disposables cost as much as $25 and are only the equivalent of 1 pack of cigarettes or less.

We recommend that someone who is going to spend $25 just purchase a low priced started kit from Totally Wicked, Premium, or somewhere else online (You can find out more by checking out our reviews).  Even in the worst areas, a pack of cigarettes costs around $12.00 which represents a $13 loss for the consumer.  While disposables are a great way to find out if electronic cigarettes are for you, we recommend you find a low cost alternative online.  Premium has a disposable electronic cigarette for around $14.

Starter Kits for electronic cigarettes are being sold in gas stations and other retail locations as well.  While these will save the users money due to their rechargeable and refillable nature, consumers can save even more money by making their purchase online.  Online retailers are the source for all the electronic cigarettes, so when they sell into retail locations, you are not only paying for that company to make a profit, but the gas stations must remain profitable as well.  You can remove a middleman from your purchase quite simply and even find coupons.  Totally Wicked E Liquid offers our readers 7.5% off with coupon code OUTPOST and e-rette offers our readers 5% off with coupon code ECN.  There are other coupons available within our reviews, so make sure to check those out today.

Consumers are offered only one option of e cigs at most retail locations.  They have chosen a one-size-fits-all approach to capture market share.  Sites such as Electronic Cigarette Nation present many more options and help to ensure your electronic cigarette experience is great.  So what makes Electronic Cigarette Nation different?  We personally review products, guide users, provide assistance, and offer many site resources.

The Need for Child-Proof E-Liquid Bottles

electronic cigarette

We have seen a lot of discussion lately about the dangers of the e-liquid used to re-fill electronic cigarette cartridges, more specifically, child safety. Look at, for example, this insight made in a popular online e cig website:

“When I started receiving eliquid, I sat down with the family and warned them of the dangers. I would suggest anyone with kids lock this stuff up. As horrible as it would be for a kid to get sick, it would prompt action to ban this stuff.”

The fact is that this is a legitimate concern. While other concerns raised about nicotine liquid are often exaggerated, child safety is very important. The concentrations of nicotine in just a small bottle of nicotine liquid is more than enough to seriously injure or even kill a child. Additionally some e-liquid smells good and children might be drawn to taste it. Luckily the juice tastes terrible in a liquid state and a child would probably spit it out quickly, but it could be too late. Given the sometimes negative commentary around e cigs, one accident could permanently damage the industry.

On the other hand, most homes have many other toxic materials. To call out electronic cigarette liquid as dangerous enough to ban it would be unfair when other substances such as detergents, rubbing alcohol and toothpaste can be harmful to kids. However, e cigs are new and controversial, so the stakes are high.

We need to do everything possible to not let children be hurt. To keep children safe and the e cig industry in good standing, we must urge sellers of e-liquid to only offer containers with child proof caps. The companies that do sell child proof nicotine liquid bottles usually only have safety caps on the bottles that they ship. The actual dropper tops that replace the original cap once opened are almost never child proof. We do not feel that the government should regulate electronic cigarettes or pre-filled cartridges, but if the manufacturers fail to take it upon themselves to make nicotine liquid refill bottles child proof, government regulation may be the only option.

Until suppliers make this a standard please keep your e-liquid out of the reach of children. If there is a chance that kids will come into contact with your e-liquid keep it secured out of their reach. E-liquid should be maintained the same as any other poisonous substances in your home.

The electronic cigarette is undoubtedly a great product. Everyone involved in building this industry, whether by supporting or selling should do their part in keeping it going as smoothly as possible and avoid any harm.

A few electronic cigarette makers are taking the initiative by selling e-liquid refill containers with child proof caps. If you’d like to visit some of these companies visit:

Electronic Cigarettes Inc.
Eliquid Planet

50% Off on Totally Wicked Decadent Vapour

electronic cigarette

Totally Wicked just announced that they have taken 50% off the price of their Decadent Vapour Premium Range of e-liquids.  This sale will last through the end of August 2010 or until supplies run out (which may happen quickly given its popularity so hurry!).

If you haven’t heard of the Decadent Vapour e-liquids by Totally Wicked, you need to check them out.  Many vapers believe that it is truly the top-of-the-line juice.  The flavors range from subtle to wild.  Visit Visit Totally Wicked’s Forum to read other vapers’ reviews and check out the poll on the best flavors.

The hard to beat prices are:

1x30ml bottle – $15

3x30ml bottles – $41.50

A Look Into E Cigarette Claims

electronic cigarette

Electronic Cigarettes have come under scrutiny lately.  Electronic Cigarette Nation is out to demystify the rumors and false statements made regarding e cigarettes and electronic cigars.  At the beginning on the year, a researcher names Thomas Eissenberg released a study that showed the electronic cigarettes he tried delivered no nicotine at all.  The study was done in 2008 and the brands were not from established, well respected companies.  He was quoted as saying the following:

“Consumers have a right to expect that products marketed to deliver a drug will work safely and as promised. Our findings demonstrate that the ‘electronic cigarettes’ that we tested do not deliver the drug they are supposed to deliver. It’s not just that they delivered less nicotine than a cigarette. Rather, they delivered no measurable nicotine at all. In terms of nicotine delivery, these products were as effective as puffing from an unlit cigarette,” said principal investigator Thomas Eissenberg, Ph.D., professor in the VCU Department of Psychology.

While this news came as shocking and devastating to the electronic cigarette industry and it’s followers, few accepted this notion and looked into the matter further.  It turns out that the electronic cigarettes sampled in the study were low end, low quality products.  Consumers from around the web flooded his email box with legitimate brands that he should try.  Few smokers could believe that they easily made the permanent transition to electronic cigarettes without getting any nicotine.  He tried the KR808D model (available from Premium, Green Smoke, E-Rette, etc.) and saw results that were completly out of touch with his initial study in finding that he did receive a substancial amount of nicotine without his heart level rising.

I would also like to report some results from some personal experimentation. At the suggestion of some of you, I purchased a KR808D-1 with various strength cartridges (Cowboy flavor). I used it last night (18 mg cartomizer) and tested my urine with Nicalert strips this morning. Result? 5/6. Clearly, this result is consistent with recent nicotine exposure. The confusing thing is this: I used the device while hooked up to a heart rate monitor which an observer was watching and I was not. My heart rate showed negligible changes during my many puffs on the device (it was one with a manual switch, which I was pressing; I was using the USB pass through; yes I got vapor, and yes I inhaled – quite the throat hit, I can assure you). Obviously I am not going to write a paper about this single experience, and there is much to be learned, but I certainly agree with the many of you who suggested that these devices may very well behave differently than the ones that I tested.

Electronic Cigarette Nation is a strong supporter of regulating the manufacturers to ensure users are given a strong quality product.  It also proves that credible electronic cigarette review sites are essential to ensure consumers have a quality product that lives up to their expectations.  It is our mission to establish the most comprehensive review site to ensure that consumers never make a bad purchase.

The Electronic Cigar is Coming!

electronic cigar

The Electronic Cigar is coming.  We are actively creating a new place for you to learn more about electronic cigars.  The electronic cigarette has seen an unparalleled rise in popularity recently with the electronic cigar being left out.  We are creating a site dedicated to only electronic cigars and it will be catered to the consumers that use them.  This is a great opportunity for cigar smokers to smoke inside again where it is banned! Stay tuned as we continue to provide updates.

How to Sell Electronic Cigarettes in Retail

A few months ago we began discussions with the owner of a local chain of gas stations about selling electronic cigarettes in his locations. Luckily we realized that we weren’t prepared to handle the requirements of this endeavor. Since then we have learned a great deal about electronic cigarettes and what it takes to be successful in distributing them offline.

There are many gas stations and retail locations across the U.S. selling electronic cigarettes with varying degrees of success. Most of these locations can be found along the East Coast. However, pockets of retail stores selling electronic cigarettes are popping up in other areas including the Midwest where we are located. Just this evening I walked into a PDQ in Madison WI and found a small display for Fifty-One Electronic Cigarettes.

Fifty-One has recently taken over the kiosks in our two major local malls from Smoking Everywhere. Fifty-One is very similar to Smoking Everywhere except for the fact that they sell disposable e-cigs as well. I asked the cashier at PDQ how the e-cigs were selling and she told me that she had personally sold two kits in the past week and she thought others had been stolen. With the help of companies like Fifty-One, we hope that e-cigs become more popular and wish them the best in the offline arena.

Below are, in our eyes, the keys to succeeding in selling electronic cigarettes in retail:

1) Don’t Sell Disposables – Disposable electronic cigarettes are a great way to try out e-cigs before investing a lot of money. Unfortunately, the costs of disposables do not pay off when compared to how much use you get out of them. Every disposable we have used has equaled out to about a packs-worth of traditional cigarettes, and the cost for disposables is typically $14 or higher. Unless you are living in NYC, that isn’t a very good deal. Besides, it usually takes more than one cartridge of vaping to decide if you really enjoy electronic cigarettes. Stores will be better off selling a small, rechargeable kit with multiple cartridges. We suggest finding a low-priced KR-808 as this two piece model is simple, provides a lot of vapor, looks like a cigarette, and most new vapers fall in love quickly with them.

2) Make it Cheap – Carrying on from the point above, the initial high cost of electronic cigarettes is a huge deterrent for a lot of potential vapers. Most retail locations partner with established electronic cigarette companies because the companies will typically handle the displays and logistics. The downside is they will usually charge more to cover marketing and branding expenses. There are many generic suppliers that can provide very low-priced kits that perform exceedingly well.

3) Provide Learning Materials – Knowledge is king. Through my experience, I’ve come to realize that most people don’t fully understand what electronic cigarettes are, and view them as a gimmick or fad. The best way to combat this is to provide a little reading material. A stack of simple flyers next to the register explaining what electronic cigarettes are, and how they are better than analogs, should do the trick.

4) Lock it Up – The display case pictured above was covered on all sides but the back. It would be very easy to reach around the back and pull the electronic cigarettes and cartridges out. This was confirmed when the cashier told me that she believed more had been stolen than sold. Theft of electronic cigarettes would be unfortunate on multiple levels. It would hurt your revenue from the product, which makes it less likely to keep them in stock. It can also lead to electronic cigarettes falling into the hands of minors. If a parent catches their child with electronic cigarettes and learns that they came from the local gas station, that parent could very easily make a public outcry to not sell electronic cigarettes there.

5) Keep It Simple Stupid – One of the first things I learned while taking classes on marketing was “KISS,” or Keep It Simple Stupid. The truth is, if you bombard the customer with too much variety or information, they will be turned off. Even though there are hundreds of excellent flavors available for electronic cigarettes, we suggest selling only a few. Historically, the strongest sales of e-liquid flavors have been traditional tobacco, menthol, cherry and vanilla. Do your research and find a supplier with a good track record of happy customers.

6) Educate Employees – Every retail employee I’ve spoken to at stores that sell electronic cigarettes doesn’t seem to know very much about the products or the industry. I don’t suggest that they should take classes or become experts. But, they should have good knowledge about how it works, life of cartridges and batteries, and a general knowledge of the why the brand they are selling is better than the competition. Customers need to feel secure that what they are purchasing is useful and high-quality.

7) Don’t Sell to Minors – It may seem like common sense to keep electronic cigarettes out of the hands of minors. Unfortunately, in most states, there aren’t any laws banning sales to minors, and some suppliers have gotten in trouble for not taking this initiative. Electronic cigarettes aren’t any less addictive than traditional cigarettes, and sales of electronic cigarettes should be held to the same standards as traditional cigarettes.

If offline retailers follow the steps above, we truly believe that they will be successful in selling electronic cigarettes. This public exposure will also help broaden the impact of e-cigs and make them more commonplace. If you would like more information on distributing electronic cigarettes in retail stores, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

It’s Coming… the Totally Wicked Evil Weevil

electronic cigarette

Totally Wicked has been working with Joytech to develop a brand new electronic cigarette, sure to rock the e-cig world.  We have highlighted just some of the functions of the Evil Weevil below and further down you can watch the video describing the upcoming unit in further detail.

-Developed exclusively with Joytech
-Interchangeable bodies (like cases for cell phones)
-Customizable performance with changable heads – Standard Weevil to high-voltage
-Built-in USB passthru port with LED display to show battery charge level
-Changeable switch-head with three atomizer connectors; 510-801, 302-901 & KR808 (can use all three at once).
-Tilted head for a “more comfortable vaping position”
-Illuminated switch
-Easy-access internal storage for two atomizers with cartridges attached
-Built-in wireless charger – charges when placed on slim-line wireless charging base
-And more
The video from Totally Wicked:
Visit Totally Wicked and keep your eyes open for the Evil Weevil.

Blu Offers USA E-Cig E-Juice

Blu Electronic CigaretteBlu Cigs and Johnson Creek Enterprises have teamed up to bring a great product to the electronic cigarette world.  Now available from Blu is American Made E-Liquid.  The electronic cigarette requires a liquid nicotine mix to deliver the nicotine to your body utilizing vapor.  Most of the liquids out there have come from China and are not regulated.  Johnson Creek is registered with the FDA pursuant to Section 305 of the United States Public Health Act of 2002.

The company creates juices fresh by hand from start to finish.  All juices are mixed by master mixers with good and pharmaceutical grade ingredients.  Christian Berkey is the CEO of Johnson Creek Enterprises and started the company by himself and has since expanded to create many jobs.  The current flavors available are Classic Tobacco, Magnificent Menthol, Java Jolt, Vivid Vanilla, and Cherry Crush.  Look for more flavors to be added as time goes on!

Check out our reviews for more information on Blu Cigs Electronic Cigarettes!

E-Rette Launches Pre-Orders

electronic cigarette

E-rette does have limited stock and they are launching pre-orders starting tomorrow July 15th.  You can save a special 5% by using coupon code “ECN” and going through our link.  We encourage you to look at the video review before going to see the product work.  You can go to YouTube and type in “E-Rette” and our video will be the top one there.  These are compact electronic cigarettes that deliver clouds of vapor, a massive throat hit, and flavors to keep you going for years!

Visit E-Rette Electronic Cigarette‘s Site Today!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at webmaster@electroniccigarettenation.com!

Smoking Ban Increases E Cigarette Sales

electronic cigarette

Almost as soon as the smoking ban took place statewide in Wisconsin, Smokers turned to the electronic cigarette. There has been a spike in traffic to electronic cigarette sites including Electronic Cigarette Nation. Analog Cigarette users are open to the idea of switching all together, but are definitely looking for another option to use in places affected by the ban.

The electronic cigarette emits a water vapor that delivers nicotine to the user without producing second hand smoke. In fact, because there is no smoke, consumers are able to still use the electronic cigarette in public places such as bars, restaurants, hospitals, airports, etc. Anti-smoking groups have put a lot of bad PR out there about electronic cigarettes and want to ban them, however most of them have never been tobacco users. We all know that quitting smoking is the best choice, but we also understand how difficult it is to quit. That is why the electronic cigarette was made. They have eliminated the need to take in 4000 chemicals and subject others around you to the bad smells and second hand smoke associated with traditional cigarettes. The best news is that smokers can save thousands of dollars a year with this new invention! We strongly encourage you to read our reviews and find the best electronic cigarette for you. If you need any help, please feel free to email webmaster@electroniccigarettenation.com and we will personally guide you through the process. There are no other review sites willing to do that!

Blu Cigs Electronic Cigarette TV Spot

Electronic Cigarette

Blu Cigs is going to be on the Balancing Act on Lifetime television.  Be sure to tune in to see the President of Blu Cigs Electronic Cigarettes explain what the electronic cigarette is, how it works and the benefits.  He explains that you are getting water vapor and nicotine.  They will also cover the levels of nicotine offered.  He also discusses the use of flavors.  They also announce the introduction of Johnson Creek flavors!

Other topics covered are: How they compare to the traditional cigarette, how people use their electronic cigarette, and where it can be used, and cost vs. normal cigarettes!

For those worried about the environment out there he explains the impact on the environment!

The episode will air June 28th at 7am, check your local guide for more details!

Tampa Hospital Approves Electronic Cigarettes

electronic cigarette

Smokers have long been subject to special interest groups targeting them.  It is no different with electronic cigarettes.  As smokers face higher taxes and public humiliation for having to be segregated from the general population, lawmakers are always pushing to make matters worse.  The truth is, the government does not want you to quit smoking cigarettes.  They definitely don’t want you to switch to electronic cigarettes because they will lose all the tax dollars and have to raise taxes on the rest of America.

Smokers have had enough and are standing up around the world.  Electronic cigarettes have exploded in popularity in Europe and are now facing opposition.  We are not sure why no one wants to ban analog cigarettes.  If they are so bad for everyone, apply the laws fairly and ban them all.  At least that is the stance that Europeans are taking with a soaring number of petitions and protests.  In America, lawmakers will have to be willing to raise the taxes for every service you use if they push to ban smoking all together.

The good news, a hospital in Tampa has given it’s stamp of approval to electronic cigarettes on their premises.  If you are addicted to smoking, you know that your nicotine cravings must be satisfied.  I have to wake up early and get caffeine in my system before I get moving too far and I am sure most of America is the same.  When getting a caffeine fix, I can sit and my desk and continue to work while doing so.  In order to satisfy my nicotine cravings I have to stop working and walk far enough away from the building to smoke.  That all changed when I was introduced to electronic cigarettes.  Now I can “smoke” or vape at my desk.  There is no odor, no second hand smoke, and I am not ingesting thousands of chemicals just to get the nicotine.  The Tampa hospital took a productive gains standpoint when approving electronic cigarettes on their grounds.  The workers no longer need to go down many flights of stairs and hide, they just continue working while vaping with their e cig.

The hospital also reduced the amount of employees subject to second hand smoke and will drive down health costs, creating a great bottom line savings.  I have been vaping in my smoke-free workplace with no problem at all and have seen great productivity gains myself.  We have had vapers report that they have been able to use their e cig in airports, on airplanes, and in many other “smoke free” areas.

We highly recommend you make the switch to electronic cigarettes today!

Doctors Support Electronic Cigarettes

electronic cigarette

The American Association of Public Health Physicians (AAPHP) has petitioned the FDA to change the classification of electronic cigarettes to be changed to a Tobacco product and NOT a drug device combination. The FDA has used the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, 201(g) and 201(h) to try and control electronic cigarettes. The policy covering these products should be the new FDA/Tobacco legislation as a tobacco product according to the American Association of Public Health Physicians.

The AAPHP is also petitioning the FDA to change their high-ranking press release regarding electronic cigarettes that was issued on July 22nd, 2009. This petition has single handedly damaged the name of electronic cigarettes. The AAPHP has provided proof that the FDA needs to amend this document.
Joel L. Nitzkin, MD, MPH, DPA the Chair, Tobacco Control Task Force, American Association of Public Health Physicians (AAPHP) states that “reclassification of E-cigarettes to tobacco products could open the door to a new harm reduction component to current tobacco control programming. That new component, in turn, could rapidly and substantially reduce tobacco-related illness and death without increasing the numbers of teens initiating nicotine use.” This comes as a blow to the FDA’s statements regarding the safety of electronic cigarettes. Joel Nitzkin also points out that no money from electronic cigarette companies, tobacco companies, or any other source has been provided to them for their research and findings.

There currently are only two categories listed in the new FDA/Tobacco legislation, cigarettes and smokeless tobacco. Electronic Cigarettes do not fit in either of these categories so they request that they be put in a new category of nicotine vaporizers. They are requesting for them to be regulated the same as other tobacco products and warning labels to be put on ONLY for nicotine addiction. Electronic Cigarette Nation has been a strong supporter of certain laws changing regarding electronic cigarettes, such as age requirements and manufacturing requirements. The marketing material should also be regulated to ensure these are not targeting children. The quality of electronic cigarettes will rise and the wide variety of methods used to create the liquids will be consolidated into an approved method. This will increase the satisfaction and safety of electronic cigarette users.
The petition states ethical concerns as well, “FDA priorities are expected to be the protection of the public’s health. Agency decisions are expected to be based on the best available science. FDA should not mislead health-related organizations or the general public as to the health hazard posed by any product. FDA’s current stances relative to E cigarettes, as presented at the July 22, 2009 FDA press conference, fails on all three of these considerations.” As Americans, we trust in our government to be looking out for our best interests for the public. The FDA will need to read, review, and update their press release, which we understand will take time, however it should be posted within a month of acceptance of the science.
The AAPHP suggests that the risk of death would be less than 5% using electronic cigarettes based on the similar nature to other nicotine replacement products on the market today. The chemical Propylene glycol is recognized as safe and used in many products used in the food and drug industry today. The nicotine levels are similar to that of a cigarette according to the FDA’s study. The lives of 4 to 8 million of the current tobacco users could be saved over the next 20 years. The AAPHP believes that the deaths caused by tobacco products could drop to 10,000 a year after 20 years. The current death rate per year is 400,000+ people. These numbers are staggering and reaffirm what Electronic Cigarette Nation has believed this whole time regarding electronic cigarettes.

Most Americans want to quit smoking or know it is bad for them, however replacing the act of smoking is much more difficult compared to getting off the nicotine. Electronic Cigarettes offer multiple levels of nicotine and even a zero nicotine liquid. This could help you phase out the use of nicotine and still enjoy the process of smoking, which would greatly increase your chance of switching from traditional cigarettes for good. 98% of the deaths caused by tobacco related products come from traditional cigarettes.

We applaud the AAPHP for doing this research and providing supporting documents to the FDA. These Doctors approve the electronic cigarette. We suggest you consult your physician today with this document and see what they think. More information regarding this story can be found at the AAPHP’s site.

Electronic Cigarette Benefits vs. Analog Cigarettes

electronic cigarette

At Electronic Cigarette Nation, we have heard a lot of negative comments about electronic cigarettes.  Here is the truth; stopping smoking is the best thing for your health.  I am not here to say nicotine is great at all.  Smokers everywhere want to quit and simply can’t, now they have an alternative to analog cigarettes.  This isn’t a smoking cessation device, but take a look at the comparison chart below and make the decision on electronic cigarettes vs. analog cigarettes for yourself.

Electronic Cigarettes



No documented major health complications

43,000+ deaths per year in the U.S.

Doctor and dentist recommendations

No doctors or dentists recommend

Non-smoker = lower insurance rates

Increasing insurance rates


No Burning


Take your time


Ranging nicotine levels

One nicotine level

3 ingredients

1000′s – tobacco, poisons, chemicals, carcinogens, tar


Smoke anywhere

Many bans

No second-hand smoke

Deadly second-hand smoke

No odor

Strong, lingering odor

No bad breath

Smoker’s breath

Does not affect appearance

Stains teeth,

stains/wrinkles/damages skin

No hiding

Behind closed doors

No littering

Cigarette butts



Increasingly expensive

Hundreds of available flavors

Few flavors

No Tobacco Tax

Increasing taxes



BluCigs Recruits Celebrities With Electronic Cigarettes

Blu Cigs Electronic Cigarettes

Blu Cigs is undoubtedly at the top of the game in their marketing efforts – a beautiful website, unique blue tip, colorful product packaging, and crisp creative. And at this year’s Grammy Awards Ceremony, Blu raised the bar even higher.

Managing to get their starter kits (decked out in exclusive Swarovski crystal-embedded packaging) into the official GRAMMY Awards Gift Bags, Blu has effectively made its name known with today’s greatest trendsetters. It should only be a matter of time until we see the effects of this effort.

With all of the controversy over electronic cigarettes, it is important for the industry to gather public support. Blu’s move to convert celebrity smokers to vapers should prove to add invaluable momentum to this movement. Music videos, movies, TV shows? We’ll have to wait and see…

Support Troops With Electronic Cigarette Liquid

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UK-based e-cig and e-liquid supplier Totally Wicked has jumped the river to America and has launched its new “Patriot Range” e-liquids.  $1.00 from every bottle sold of these new liquids will be donated to the Wounded Warriors Project. The purpose of the Wounded Warriors Project is; to raise awareness and enlist the public’s aid for the needs of severely injured service men and women, to help severely injured service members aid and assist each other, and to provide unique, direct programs and services to meet the needs of severely injured service members. Check out www.woundedwarriorproject.org.

Totally Wicked’s e-liquid flavors have quickly made their way into the favorite lists of veteran vapers. Check out the crazy flavors that will be available in the Patriot Range section at Totally Wicked. Anyone dare to try the mustard and pepper flavored Mad Dog juice?

Electronic Cigarette Dictionary

e cig dictionary

As you get into the world of electronic cigarettes, you will find there are many terms used.  We have compiled a dictionary for you to use as you browse the Internet looking for electronic cigarettes.  These are the most common terms used.

2-piece/Disposable - 2 part e-cigarette. Battery and a “cartomizer”
3-piece - 3 part e-cigarette. Battery, atomizer, and cartridge
Analog - Regular cigarette
- Anti-smoking people against vaping
- Atomizer
Bat - Battery
- Cartridge
- An atomizer built into the cartridge
Cutoff -
How long the battery will activate the atomizer before shutting down
- Adding a few drops of e-liquid directly on the atomizer to vape
- Sticking the bridge of the atomizer in e-liquid to vape
- Do it yourself (homemade e-liquid mixture)
E-cig or E-cigarette
- Electronic cigarette
E-juice, e-liquid, juice
- Liquid nicotine that you fill cartridges with
- The fiber inside the cartridge that holds the e-liquid
- Homemade device
- Personal charging case
- Propylene glycol-based e-liquid
- Sucking on the mouthpiece to pull the vapor into your mouth
- Personal vaporizer
- Passthrough battery
- Throat hit (tingling sensation in the back of your throat)
Topping off
- Adding drops of e-liquid to your current cartridge
Vape, Vaping
- The use of an e-cigarette 
- the “smoke” emitted from an e-cigarette
- Vegetable glycerin-based e-liquid


electronic cigarette

As Big Tobacco makes a run at getting the electronic cigarette removed from the market with the help of the government, we need to stand up and let our elected officials know what we want. We put them in office to represent our views, not the views of the politicians. We need to unite as a nation for electronic cigarettes. Please take the time to write to your elected officials today. We have provided a way to contact all of the big hitters.

Contact about Electronic Cigarettes

Contact President Barack H. Obama and Vice President Joe Biden

Senators of the 111th Congress

Akaka, Daniel K. – (D – HI)

Alexander, Lamar – (R – TN)

Barrasso, John – (R – WY)

Read more to find your Senator…

New Hampshire Pushes to Ban Sales of Electronic Cigarettes to Minors

under 18 no e cigs

New Hampshire is the latest state to push for a ban on minors from purchasing electronic cigarettes.  Electronic Cigarette Nation Supports these measures in full.

There are two essential reasons that this is good news:

1)     We don’t want to see minors start smoking anything (analog cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, illegal drugs, etc.)

2)     When electronic cigarettes are accepted to be for adults only, there is no reason to ban them altogether unless you ban analog cigarettes (that wont happen)

The exciting thing about this story, the youth are the ones proposing it.  The high school students are shocked that their peers can walk into a store and buy an electronic cigarette today.  Electronic Cigarettes were made as an alternative for smokers and not for someone to start.  These have helped a vast amount of tobacco users toss their analog cigarettes aside once and for all.

Electronic Cigarette Nation has taken a strong stance in prohibiting sales to minors and will continue to promote this trend.  If you have any questions or would like to help, please feel free to contact us at webmaster@electroniccigarettenation.com today.

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e cig news

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