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Electronic Cigarette Reviews

We are here to give you honest e cigarette reviews on the best e cigs out there. Our reviews are done on a non-biased basis and you will find brands on E Cig Nation that are not on other e cig review sites because of this. Our readers drive the rankings in our table to ensure everyone has a quality experience when they buy electronic cigarettes. Please browse the site and submit a review if you have tried e-cigs!

Top 10 Electronic Cigarettes

Rankings are based on 291 Real Users reviews and comments.
Rank Name Low Price Discount Review Store
V2 Cigs $29.71 15% Read Review Visit Site
South Beach Smoke $59.95 25% Read Review Visit Site
Fifty-One $68.36 30% Read Review Visit Site
Premium E Cigarettes 10% Read Review Visit Site
Pure Cigs $19.99 20% Read Review Visit Site
Firebrand Cigs 5% Read Review Visit Site
Halo Cigs $44.99 20% Read Review Visit Site
Revolver Cigs $69.99 no Read Review Visit Site
Green Smoke 10% Read Review Visit Site
Volcano E-Cigs $59.95 no Read Review Visit Site

Best E Cig Details

V2 Cigs: Ultimate Starter KitV2 Cigs: Ultimate Starter Kit

V2 Cigs

V2 Cigs Electronic Cigarettes are storming the market and they are a strong contender of Premium Electronic Cigarettes. Their two piece design comes at a great affordable price and the flavors will keep you happy for a long time! V2 Cigs offers 5 versions of their e cigarette starter kit to be sure to meet the needs of any smoker.

South Beach Smoke ReviewSouth Beach Smoke Review

South Beach Smoke

South Beach Smoke does a great job of promoting their electronic cigarettes. Their website is very clean and user friendly. The packaging is exciting. They offer great rebate gifts and membership offers. So we wanted to see if the actual electronic cigarettes live up to the hype. We decided to test out the Deluxe kit as it is recommended on the site.

Fifty-One (Smoke 51): The DuoFifty-One (Smoke 51): The Duo


I have seen Fifty-One in stores and most do not know anything about them. The clerk is not someone who uses it, which makes it difficult to gather the information you want to know. Electronic Cigarette Nation got their hands on the Fifty-One Duo Electronic Cigarette and we conducted a review.

Premium E Cigarettes: PR110/PR111Premium E Cigarettes: PR110/PR111

Premium E Cigarettes

The Premium Electronic Cigarette Company is bursting onto the scene with their two piece design, great customer service, the fastest FREE shipping, and a great disposable electronic cigarette too! Unlike other electronic cigarette companies, Premium focuses on what they do right by only selling one main model. The great part is that they are able to really customize this model and focus on tailoring to suit your needs.

Pure Cigs: Deluxe Kit ReviewsPure Cigs: Deluxe Kit Reviews

Pure Cigs

Pure Cigs Reviews are hard to come by online in comparison with the other best electronic cigarettes brands. Having said that, Pure Cigs provided us a new kit for review and now we would like to spread the news. This e cigarette starter kit by pure cigs is amongst the very best e cigarettes we’ve [...]

Firebrand Cigs (Brand Diablo): Phoenix MillenniumFirebrand Cigs (Brand Diablo): Phoenix Millennium

Firebrand Cigs

As more and more electronic cigarette companies join the industry, many rush in without any sort of plan. This results in poor products, customer service and overall experience. Fire Brand (Brand Diablo), on the other hand, has obviously planned everything out fully.

Halo Sampler Starter KitHalo Sampler Starter Kit

Halo Cigs

The kit is a three piece design and is generally for more advanced e cigarette consumers, however don’t let that turn you away if you are new to electronic cigarettes. Halo Cigs requires that you fill your own liquid but you will save a lot of money doing this, much like rolling your own cigarettes.

Revolver: Infiniti IonRevolver: Infiniti Ion

Revolver Cigs

I came across Revolver Electronic Cigarettes about half a year ago and have been a huge fan ever since. I admire the passion that they have for providing the best products on the market. I’m impressed by the low prices that they are able to provide and the fast payment processing check out service. And I enjoy the excitement that their brand creates. The Infiniti Ion is the perfect display of these values. Credit cards accepted. Click button below to buy now.

Green Smoke: Basic Starter KitGreen Smoke: Basic Starter Kit

Green Smoke

Green Smoke is one of the most popular electronic cigarettes available. I could never figure out why until I actually got their starter kit. This ecig creates mushroom clouds of vapor and the tobacco flavored cartomizers taste awesome.

Volcano E Cigs Starter KitVolcano E Cigs Starter Kit

Volcano E-Cigs

After complaints, management listened and they redesigned everything except Volcano’s high quality customer service and shipping department. That is what got them through the difficult times in the beginning. I am happy to say now that I can recommend the Volcano for 3/4 pack a day or less smokers out there.

White Cloud: Cirrus IIWhite Cloud: Cirrus II

White Cloud

The Cirrus II electronic cigarette by White Cloud blows away most of the competition. With top-notch quality, consistency, flavor and throat hit, the Cirrus II is the definition of innovation. Check out our video review and read the full review to see why we are becoming more impressed with it every day.

Blu Cigs Electronic Cigarette ReviewBlu Cigs Electronic Cigarette Review

Blu Cigs

There is a reason that Blu has become one of the fastest growing electronic cigarettes on the market, they make a great product! Their style is unmatched, their electronic cigarette is the size of a regular cigarette, and they include a personal charger case with each starter kit. When you visit Blu Cigs e cigarette website, you will find one of the best site put together for electronic cigarettes.

Vapor4Life: Vapor KingVapor4Life: Vapor King


There is a lot of talk about Vapor4Life around the internet. The Vapor King is regarded as one of the best two-piece electronic cigarettes, and their Wow Vapor and Nobacco e-liquids and cartomizers consistently receive great reviews. It was only a matter of time before we got our hands on some of these legendary products.

Sky Cig Starter KitSky Cig Starter Kit


Sky Cigs electronic cigarettes are a great bargain when it comes to electronic cigarettes in England. They have the feel of Blu Cigs with faster shipping and they win the customer service department as well. I would recommend the Sky Cigs starter kit to any new e cig users.

E Liquid Planet VortexE Liquid Planet Vortex

E Liquid Planet

The E Liquid Planet Vortex starter kit is a great option for experienced capers. The kit is made for more customizing than regular e cigarette kits and allows you greater flexibility. They also offer a great line of liquids to enhance the experience.

SmokeStik: Hendu EliteSmokeStik: Hendu Elite


Smoke Stik brings users one of the most consistent products, has a design that commands respect, and offers great customer service and product support as well. Let me be the first to say that this e cig does NOT mimic an analog cigarette, it instead improves the smoking experience.

eSmoke Sensation Starter KiteSmoke Sensation Starter Kit


The eSmoke Sensation electronic cigarette starter kit is Made in USA and tested in the USA.  The reason we bring this up first is because most e cigarettes are made in China and it is refreshing to do one of our electronic cigarette reviews on a USA made product.  Aside from that fact, the first thing we notice is the elegant packaging.  As soon as you flip the lid on this e cig, you will notice an eSmoke Club Membership Card.  This isn’t a pay-for-play e cig membership, instead it is protection for you, the consumer.

Cloud 9: 501 – 502 HybridCloud 9: 501 – 502 Hybrid

Cloud 9

Cloud 9 offers one of the most unique electronic cigarettes that we have seen at a very affordable price. With a limited amount of drawbacks with this e-cig, the Cloud 9 501 – 502 Hybrid is a good option for consumers who are unsure of what style they may want. The reason we call it unique is due to the ability to use the same battery for the three piece model as the two piece.

E-Rette: Mini e-retteE-Rette: Mini e-rette


The mini e-rette e cig is around the size of a regular cigarette and very lightweight. This can make it much easier for some to transition to this smoking alternative. The first couple puffs offered less vapor as the atomizer primed, but after that the normal amount began to come out. This does produce a fair amount of vapor for a small e cigarette and will satisfy most half a pack a day or less smokers out there.

ESmoke Freedom: TrilogyESmoke Freedom: Trilogy

Also known as E-Smoke Stop, ESmoke Freedom has the perfect electronic cigarette for you whether you are a regular smoker or just a social smoker. In this case, we look at the Trilogy which is meant for a light smoker. It is only slightly larger than a cigarette, yet it creates a ton of vapor.

GreenPuffer Starter KitGreenPuffer Starter Kit

The GreenPuffer is a brand new electronic cigarette – maybe a bit too new. Check out our honest review and see why we hope more development is put into this electronic cigarette.

E-Rette: Regular KitE-Rette: Regular Kit

The e-rette electronic cigarette gets reviewed by electronic cigarette nation. This e cigarette lives up to the hype and earns the top spot on ECN!

NJoy: NPro DuoNJoy: NPro Duo

NJoy Electronic Cigarettes have become the best selling brand for good reason. If their product doesn’t speak loud enough for itself, the marketing team will make sure that you see the benefits of this brand. They are the Walmart of electronic cigarettes!

ESmoke Freedom: TangoESmoke Freedom: Tango

ESmoke Freedom

Also known as E-Smoke Stop, ESmoke Freedom has the perfect electronic cigarette for you whether you are a regular smoker or just a social smoker. Here we look at the Tango. The Tango is a two-piece ecig and is marketed toward regular to heavy smokers.

Fifty-One (Smoke 51): The TrioFifty-One (Smoke 51): The Trio


I would recommend this electronic cigarette to social to light smokers.  While you can get better deals online, in a pinch you can run to the local gas station or mall and pick up some refill cartridges.  If you smoke more than 3/4 of a pack a day, then we recommend you get The Duo by Fifty-One.

Cigarti: Electronic CigaretteCigarti: Electronic Cigarette

With over 125 different battery designs, Cigarti is the most customizable electronic cigarette supplier around. They are also one of the tastiest. The fruit-flavored cartomizers that came with our kit contain some of the best stock e-liquids that I have had. However, the throat hit and vapor production suffer at times.

E Cigs Inc: Vapor KingE Cigs Inc: Vapor King

Electronic Cigarettes Inc. is one the most innovative electronic cigarette companies on the market. In the short time we have been talking with their owner, they released a disposable electronic cigarette called the SmokePass. Now they have an American assembled e cig coming out soon!

The Safe Cig Pro Starter KitThe Safe Cig Pro Starter Kit

The Safe Cig

Have you ever heard of an electronic cigarette with a lifetime warranty? Neither had I until I stumbled apon The Safe Cig. They have been featured on the news and are known for their reliability and overall quality. This is a two piece design that features the atomizer built into the cartridge. If you use this electronic cigarette for 30 days or less and don’t like it, send it back. They offer a 30 Day Satisfaction garauntee, even though we doubt you would be left unsatisfied.

Never Light Again Executive Gold Starter KitNever Light Again Executive Gold Starter Kit

Never Light Again

The first thing you will notice about your never light again electronic cigarette starter kit is that the batteries are different than any other models. The LED is much classier and the batteries are the perfect length. The two batteries that come with the kit offer enough charge to get a regular smoker through the day.